If You See One Of These Things On The Beach, Keep Your Dog As Far Away As Possible

Wet, dirty, slimy, it doesn't really matter: human curiosity will stop at nothing when it comes to understanding what the world has to offer -- especially if it's potentially dangerous.

A woman on the English coast was taking her dog for a walk when suddenly he started pulling her toward a strange white substance. At first, she thought it was some sort of gooey sea creature, but as she looked closer she realized she was dead wrong...

The weird mass seemed to have recently been washed up onto the shore. It was a chunky lump that gave off a powerful aroma.
As the interested canine got closer, he began to bark. Where did this blob come from, was it a threat?
Upon closer inspection, the woman had realized what she and her furry friend had stumbled upon -- and it wasn't a good sign.
Apparently, the mysterious substance was a so-called "fatberg" and they are becoming increasingly common.