It should go without saying, but most parents would do just about anything to protect their family. So, you can bet that in the face of tragedy, they would go to great lengths to be sure that justice is served to those who wronged their loved ones.

When André Bamberski’s seemingly perfect family life was suddenly upended by a German doctor, he thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse. But when it did, he knew he had to do something about it. He spent the next 30 years plotting his revenge—but things didn’t quite go according to plan…

Most parents would go to great lengths to protect their families from harm’s way. André Bamberski, a France-born family man whose picture-perfect life was upended out of nowhere, knew all about that.

Born in 1938 in Nazi-occupied France, André was captured by Germans and transported to Germany and then to Poland. Luckily, he lived to see the end of World War II, but his life didn’t necessarily get easier from there.

By the 1970s, André was working as an accountant and living with his wife, Danièle, and their two children in Casablanca, Morocco. There, his family met a German doctor named Dieter Krombach who would prove to be an unwelcome presence in André’s life…

Ever the enigma, Dieter had quite the bizarre backstory. His first wife had died at the young age of 24, and he eventually grew tired of his second marriage. Shortly after he met Daniéle, he seduced her—and the two began an affair.

By 1977, both Daniéle and Dieter had left their respective marriages and wed each other. To make matters worse, André wasn’t able to see his children, as they had moved to Landau, Germany, to live with Dieter and their mother. It was as if Dieter was trying to eradicate André from their lives.

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This carried on for several years. Then, in 1982, tragedy struck. André’s daughter, Kalinka, was 15 at the time and she attended a French-speaking boarding school. She spent the summers with her mother and stepfather.

Seemingly out of the blue, Kalinka was found dead in her bedroom. No one could understand what had caused this seemingly healthy young girl to pass away. Then, ever so slowly, details started to emerge…

On July 9, 1982, Dieter had injected Kalinka with a cobalt-iron preparation known as Kobalt-Ferrlecit, which he’d used on family and friends in the past. He claimed it could help treat the young teen’s anemia. That wasn’t all, however.

At a later date, he revealed that he’d also given her a sleeping pill. None of this seemed to make much sense to André, who was beside himself after hearing of his daughter’s death. Yet, it wasn’t long before André learned what Dieter was capable of…

André discovered the timeline of events, and something seemed off to him. He urged authorities to investigate further. After they finally complied, they uncovered evidence that confirmed some of his worst suspicions…

The authorities learned that not only had Dieter poisoned Kalinka, but that he’d also raped her numerous times. Not only that, but Daniéle had become so brainwashed by her new husband that she continued to stand by his side.

After Dieter was arrested by authorities, all André could do was hope that the German justice system would make him pay for what he’d done. Yet, Dieter was freed after courts found insufficient evidence that the death was intentional or negligent. For André, this was unacceptable.

Even after other victims came forward claiming to have been violated by Dieter—thus cementing his history as a sex offender—the German authorities decided not to extradite him to France for his alleged crimes.

This news devastated André. Not only had he lost his family and then his daughter, but the man responsible for it was set to walk free. From that moment on, he was determined to do whatever was necessary to have his revenge.

After the German justice system failed him, André decided that, if he wanted Dieter to pay for what he’d done to his daughter, he’d have to take matters into his own hands… even if it took him decades to do so.

Years later, André arrived in Germany. He was looking for his daughter’s killer, but he discovered Dieter had totally disappeared. No one knew where he was. Soon, it became clear that Dieter had gone into hiding.

By that point, it had been nearly 20 years since Dieter had murdered Kalinka, but André refused to give up. In 2009, with the statute of limitations just three years away, he knew he had to do something drastic. So, he devised a slightly crazy plan.

André gathered his life savings—some $30,000—and hired a group of men to find and kidnap Dieter and bring him back to France. They manages to capture the evil doctor and deliver him, but it wasn’t all good news for André.

André was arrested in connection to Dieter’s kidnapping; despite the circumstances, kidnapping was still a crime. He was convicted and served a one-year suspended jail sentence. At the same time, the hired men dumped Dieter on the steps of the courthouse, handcuffed to a railing, in Mulhouse, France.

Though it had taken 28 years, Dieter was finally found guilty of Kalinka’s murder, as well as for drugging and raping his other women, and he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Finally, André had justice for his daughter. Do you think it was all worth it?

There was nothing André wouldn’t have done to get justice for Kalinka. It’s just unfortunate that any of it had to happen in the first place.

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