Here Are The Staggering Salaries Of Your Favorite TV Sportscasters

Know your block out from your blocking shed? Your fast break from your false start? Then getting paid to talk about sports on ESPN is probably your dream job, right? And it turns out that it can be incredibly lucrative. Yes, those who commentate on, host or analyze major sports games for the big networks can be paid almost as much as the players. So here’s a look at 40 of the most staggering salaries of your favorite TV sportscasters. You won’t believe how much Erin Andrews and Terry Bradshaw take home!

40. Andrea Kremer ($500,000)

With a reported salary of $4 million, Andrea Kremer is one of the best-paid women in sports broadcasting. The Emmy winner has achieved such a feat through her pioneering Thursday Night Football work with Hannah Storm and her coverage of no fewer than 25 Super Bowls. In 2018 Kremer was given the Peter Rozelle Radio-Television Award by the Pro Football Hall of Fame. She’s the Kremer of the crop. (Sorry.)

39. Wendi Nix ($800,000)

Wendi Nix has proved that persistence really can pay off. The anchor was something of a journeywoman during her early sports broadcasting career. But she’s now been a regular fixture at ESPN for several years. As the co-host of NFL Live, the network’s flagship National Football League show, Nix allegedly rakes in $800,000 per year. Ker-ching!

38. Holly Rowe ($800,000)

An ESPN regular since the late 1990s, Holly Rowe has served as a play-by-play basketball announcer for both the women’s and the men’s college games. She’s also taken a similar role for several other sports including athletics, swimming and even The Running of the Bulls. We wonder if the reported $800,000 she earns every year includes danger money?

37. Leeann Tweeden ($1 million)

Leeann Tweeden took an unusual path to the Fox Sports Network. It was only when she finished first at the Venus International Model Search that a career in sports broadcasting started to open up. Having since hosted everything from poker tournaments to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bouts, Tweeden is well worth the $1 million a year she now reportedly earns.