Personality is a complex topic, but scientists have discovered one incredible way it reveals itself — in the fingers! It turns out that the length of your ring finger correlates with your testosterone exposure in the womb, and that has a huge effect on your personality.

By comparing the length of the ring finger to the length of the index finger, researchers have sketched out three broad hand types and identified the specific personality traits that go along with each one!

Type A: People whose ring fingers are longer than their index fingers are generally charming and well-liked. They also tend to take more risks and can be more aggressive than other people. As a result of all these factors, they tend to make more money than the other hand types.

fingers-2Youtube / Datos Virales

Type B: People with ring fingers that are shorter than their index fingers tend to be highly self-aware, bordering on narcissistic. They like to keep to themselves and are sharply observant, so they also tend to be more cautious than others.

fingers-3Youtube / Datos Virales

Type C: Those with ring and index fingers of the same length are generally more even-keeled and peaceful than the other personality types. They are typically emotionally stable and mild-mannered, making them good team players and romantic partners.

fingers-4Youtube / Datos Virales

Who would have guessed that something as subtle as the length of one’s fingers can reveal so much about a person? Now whenever I meet someone new I’m definitely going to be looking at their hands!

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