Christy Stone’s 18-year-old son, Troy, suffers from muscular dystrophy. The young man is kept alive and stable with an electric-powered ventilator that helps him breathe. But after the Detroit-area family became overwhelmed by medical costs and missed a few electric bills, they had their power cut.

As the lights went out, Troy’s life support system went with them. In a desperate attempt to save her son’s life, Christy knew she had to do something…before it was too late.

Christy immediately called 911, and the fire department responded. 


When they told firefighter Ryan McCuen about their outstanding electric bills, he went above and beyond to help the struggling family.


But just how he helped the Stones is something they’ll never forget.

After Ryan’s kindness made the news, the Stone family’s fundraising campaign to buy a lift van picked up steam. To learn more about their continued story and to donate, be sure to visit their GoFundMe page.

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