In an emergency situation, panic is a completely understandable response. All too often, however, that fear takes over and prevents a person from thinking quickly or clearly enough to be helpful and effective.

Now, there’s a solution that helps account for some of the panic a civilian rescuer might feel. This first aid blanket, designed by Chinese students at the University of Zhejiang, is designed to walk even a novice through any life-saving procedure!

Students at the University of Zhejiang won a Red Dot design award for this first aid blanket designed to walk people through CPR during an emergency situation.


The blanket helps properly position a victim and walks the responder through CPR step by step.


It even has a folding flap that ensures proper hand placement for chest compressions!


The students envisioned their design being used on ships and in other places where there’s a drowning risk, but they emphasized that different versions of the blanket could be made for different environments and procedures.


The blanket hasn’t entered production yet, but hopefully once it does it will become a standard part of any First Aid Kit!


What a fantastic idea! We can definitely imagine variations on this blanket becoming common fixtures in emergency response kits everywhere.

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