Some Genius Just Invented A Blanket That Can Save Your Life In An Emergency

In an emergency situation, panic is a completely understandable response. All too often, however, that fear takes over and prevents a person from thinking quickly or clearly enough to be helpful and effective.

Now, there's a solution that helps account for some of the panic a civilian rescuer might feel. This first aid blanket, designed by Chinese students at the University of Zhejiang, is designed to walk even a novice through any life-saving procedure!

Students at the University of Zhejiang won a Red Dot design award for this first aid blanket designed to walk people through CPR during an emergency situation.
The blanket helps properly position a victim and walks the responder through CPR step by step.
It even has a folding flap that ensures proper hand placement for chest compressions!
The students envisioned their design being used on ships and in other places where there's a drowning risk, but they emphasized that different versions of the blanket could be made for different environments and procedures.