Flight Attendant-Approved Packing Tips That Could Help You Save Time And Money

We all love vacations, right? But despite that, one aspect can bring a lot of woe — the packing! To say it can be stressful is a major understatement. Then again, those troubles could soon be in your rearview mirror. Yes, with the help of the Shareably website and Cosmopolitan magazine, we’ve gathered 40 ingenious tips from flight attendants that’ll make your life much easier when filling up the suitcases and bags.

40. Curling iron hack

How do you pack your curling irons and hair straighteners? Do you just toss them in with your pile of clothes? Well, there might be a better approach to adopt here. One flight attendant suggested placing the items inside a pair of oven gloves. The padding should shield them in the suitcase. 

39. Makeshift travel case

Jewelry can be a real nightmare to pack ahead of a vacation — especially the smaller pieces. But don’t fret, folks. Get your hands on a disused mint box, before dropping your tiny valuables into the opening. Just like that, you’ll now have a makeshift travel receptacle to keep the accessories safe throughout your time away.

38. Contact cases and beauty products

Thanks to the size of the containers, it’s not always easy to fit your beauty products inside a suitcase. It can get extremely frustrating! Mind you, scooping helpings of your ointments into contact lens receptacles should free up a lot of extra room in the bag.

37. Rubber bands and books

Are you wary of packing books in your suitcase? We don’t blame you — they can get banged up pretty quickly! Yet one clever flight attendant offered up a potential solution. Apparently, if you wrap one elastic band from top to bottom and another across the center, your reading material should stay in shape until you unpack.