Everyone wants to live in their dream home. While most people have to settle for a place they can afford, others make their dream homes a reality. After all, anything is possible!

Meet Catherine King and her husband Wayne Adams, former city slickers who tossed away the hustle and bustle of the big city for the simple life. They built their dream home from scratch, with just a handsaw and a hammer. Up close, their house looks pretty average. But once you see it in bigger context? You won’t believe your eyes!

At first glance this may seem like a normal home, but a look from a broader perspective will prove otherwise.

floating-house-1Facebook/Catherine King

Yep, that’s right. Their house is floating on the ocean! What makes it even more special is that they aren’t even anchored, they’re tied to shore!

floating-house-3Facebook/Catherine King

They built their home over the course of the past 24 years. They have four greenhouses. Just amazing!

floating-house-2Facebook/Catherine King

There’s tons of foliage to go around.


And some pretty amazing views!

floating-house-7Youtube/Great Big Story

The closest town is a 45-minute boat ride away.

floating-house-6Youtube/Great Big Story

Adam does his fair share of fishing to supplement their food supply…Sometimes even from the comfort of his own couch!

floating-house-5Youtube/Great Big Story

Watch a video showing the history of their home below!

Now that’s a way of living that I could get used to.

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