Your bed is supposed to be your sanctuary. It’s the comfy, heavenly place where all of your troubles melt away and you can drift off into a peaceful slumber.

So long as you’ve got the right bed, you can even feel as if you’re floating while you sleep. If your bed isn’t that type of an oasis for you, though, don’t worry—you can make it one!

When one man decided he wanted to turn his bed into a cozy place to retire each night, he had the idea to make it float—literally. His easy DIY method just might change the way you sleep!

Everyone dreams of having the perfect, comfy bed: a place where they can retire at the end of each day and where their troubles magically melt away. One man decided to make that dream a reality, and once you see his DIY bed frame—and how he made it—you just might want to craft your own bedroom oasis in no time…

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You’ll start by building a rectangular wooden frame that fits the size of your mattress. You can use any kind of lumber that you find in a hardware store, so long as it’s sturdy. Then, once the basic frame is built, you’ll nail it to the corner of your bedroom where you want it to “float.”


Once the frame is secured to the wall, you’ll insert a diagonal support beam in the outside corner that will serve an important purpose: essentially, this will help the frame support your weight. From it, you’ll attach another angled piece of lumber that will anchor to your floor, as pictured below…


Here is that same support beam from another angle. See how it holds the frame perfectly in place? This important piece is going to allow for your bed to have the great “floating” appearance while still carrying the brunt of the weight from your mattress and bedding (and you). This way, your wall won’t have to shoulder all of the weight.


Next, you’ll add a series of braces inside the frame that you’ve constructed. These braces will further support the platform that will carry your box spring and mattress and help prevent the mattress from dipping or sinking toward the floor. Just be sure that these support beams are cut precisely!


Then for your next step, add a plywood platform to the top of the frame that you’ve constructed. Your box spring (if you have one) and mattress will sit directly on top of this, so be sure that it’s smooth and it fits flush inside the frame.


And voila! You’ve got yourself a floating bed! See the way the mattress lies neatly on top? Best of all, you can paint or stain this frame any way that you desire. Some people even paint clouds on the wood to really drive home the “floating” theme.


Now you’re ready to float off into amazing dreamland! Doesn’t this look so cozy? The best part is that you’ve got so much space underneath—you can opt for a string of decorative lights, like the man did here, or a chic rug. You can even use it for storage! Want more? Just check out the next DIY idea…


If you thought that last bed frame was the perfect way to redesign your bedroom—and to be able to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud—you’ll definitely want to see what this next DIYer did for the guest room in his home. Below, you’ll see that the room was pretty standard-looking to start—nothing too fancy.


The homeowner’s guest room was fairly small, and it included a standard bed frame and a few pictures on a boring white wall. Jazzing it up would certainly make it look more appealing—and give his friends something to talk about! So he began by building a simple frame that would span the entire width of the room…


Like the first DIYer, this man built a frame using lumber from a local hardware store. With a strange room layout, he had to get creative with the design. See the way he zigzagged the wood? It goes to show that no matter the shape of your room, you can tweak it to fit!


Then, he built a frame for a sliding drawer, and he saved some space to the right for a small set of steps that could be used to get on top of the high-rise bed frame. He also put the support beams in place. To see the way this beautiful frame turned out—and discover how to finish this easy process—go here


These DIY bed frames look so heavenly! Aren’t you sleepy just looking at them? Seriously, who wouldn’t want to have a floating bed or a cool bed with a sliding drawer?

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