The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for ensuring that the food we purchase at restaurants and supermarkets is safe to eat. While it’s generally a good idea to enforce strict guidelines to help keep harmful bacteria and parasites out of our kitchens, not every country operates in this way.

Over the years, the FDA has added plenty of items to its list of banned foods—including those from other countries. While these 20 foods might be deemed safe enough in other nations, they’re too risky for America…

1. Kinder Surprise eggs: These treats from Europe were banned in the U.S. because of a law stating that edible food cannot contain inedible products inside them. These eggs have small plastic toys hidden within their chocolate shells, which could be a ‘choking hazard’.

2. Casu Marzu: The ban on this cheese is for one obvious reason – it’s made using live maggots! On the island of Sardinia, Pecorino Romano cheese is intentionally infested with thousands of these creatures to supposedly “enhance” the flavor.

3. Shark fins: Shark fin soup is a popular Chinese delicacy, but the fins are banned in the United States because overfishing is destroying the shark population around the world. Stick to fish sauce if you want that extra oomph in your dish!

4. Sassafras oil: While the oil from the plant itself isn’t necessarily harmful, the safrole and shikimol chemicals found inside it can be used in the production of the psychoactive drug MDMA.

5. Ortolan: This French delicacy has been banned due to the unethical treatment of the ortolan birds used. Not only are the birds endangered, but they’re cooked and served whole! Most people prefer to not look at it while eating…

6. Beluga caviar: This comes from the Caspian Sea, but importing beluga sturgeon eggs into the United States is prohibited due to overfishing and the dwindling whale population. Don’t worry, there are plenty (other legal types) of fish in the sea!

7. Mirabelle plums: Although some varieties of these plums are grown in America, the authentic fruits from Lorraine, France, are banned as part of a trade agreement that doesn’t allow their importation. That’s because the shipping process jeopardizes their quality!

8. Ackee fruit: Looks like we can’t consume Jamaica’s fruit either! This treat is used in plenty of authentic dishes. However, if you consume the fruit before it ripens properly, it can actually kill you.

9. Absinthe: This beverage was banned entirely in the U.S. until 2007, when the government started to allow its importation… so long as the psychoactive chemical thujone was left out of its production.

10. Haggis: Mix a sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs with spices, oatmeal, and suet, then stuff it into the animal’s stomach and serve it; that’s the traditional Scottish dish known as haggis. Unfortunately, lung is one of the organs banned from importation into America.

11. Redfish: This aquatic creature became quite popular for its flavor during the 1980s, but now Mississippi is the only state that sells it at market. Redfish is banned simply so the species’ population can be replenished.

12. Pig’s blood cake: This traditional Taiwanese dish consists of pork blood and sticky rice. You wont find it anywhere in America due to sanitary precautions regarding the blood used in its production!

13. Lazy Cakes: These simple brownies may seem ordinary, but they actually contain the sleep-inducing agent melatonin. Arkansas banned the snacks because it’s too easy for young children to get their hands on them.

14. Puffer fish: Also known as “fugu,” puffer fish requires a special license to prepare, and only a handful of restaurants in the United States carry it. If improperly handled, the poison in the fish causes asphyxiation.

15. Unpasteurized milk: Also known as “raw” milk, most states do not allow for its production because the pasteurization process is vital in removing toxic microbes from the milk.

16. Sea turtles: These beautiful creatures have been endangered for quite some time now, so the U.S. strictly forbids their importation or exportation. The ban on sea turtles for consumption is an easy one to support!

17. Bird’s nest soup: This delicacy started in China, but today it’s even rare to find it within those borders. The main ingredient in the soup is bird saliva, which can carry a plethora of harmful bacteria.

18. Foie gras: While this one isn’t banned throughout the entire United States, California outlawed it due to the unethical treatment of geese during the process. They’re force-fed through tubes to increase the size of their livers.

19. Queen conch: Since 2003, it’s been illegal to import this crustacean because of the species’ low numbers. If you want queen conch, you have to travel outside of the U.S. where it’s far less regulated.

20. Bushmeat: This refers to any meat from animals hunted and slaughtered in Africa, including gorillas, antelopes, and elephants. Not only is it banned because it can carry fatal diseases, but it encourages illegal trading.

Would you ever eat any of these banned foods? Even if you’re a daring eater, you’d really have to go out of your way to taste them…

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