The United States is famous for our many freedoms, but as it turns out, there are a whole bunch of foods that we aren’t allowed to eat. It’s good that the FDA is looking out for our safety, but how far is too far?

Let’s look at what sorts of foods are banned in America. There are quite a few that might surprise you.

1. Haggis.


The infamous Scottish cuisine is made with sheep’s heart, sheep’s liver, and cooked in sheep’s stomach. But the reason it is banned is because it also has sheep’s lungs in it.

2. Absinthe.


There is a version of absinthe available in the U.S., but that kind doesn’t have as much wormwood in it, and therefore ain’t The Real McCoy.

3. Pig’s Blood Cake.


This dish is available in Taiwan and consists of pig’s blood and rice on a stick. The FDA isn’t so fond of pig’s blood being on the American menu.

4. Sassafras Oil.


People used to use this for flavoring root beer, but it was banned after it was found to cause cancer in rats.

5. Kinder Eggs.


Popular in Europe, the German candy is considered a choking hazard because of the toy that’s hiding inside. You could still find it if you know where to look.

6. OG Four Loko.


The original recipe for the Four Loko mixed drink was banned because of the dangerous combination of alcohol and caffeine.

7. Pommac.


Though no longer available, this champagne-flavored soft drink was the precursor to Dr. Pepper. It didn’t sell well, however, and eventually the chemical sweetener used in its recipe, sodium cyclamate, was banned.

8. Italian Meats.


Authentic Italian meat can’t be imported into the U.S., so any salami, prosciutto, and other meats are made domestically.

9. Horse Meat.


Up until a few years ago, it was legal to slaughter horses for meat. Not any longer.

10. Vegemite.


The Australian cuisine known as vegemite is produced with an additive known as folate, which landed it on this list.

11. Fugu.


Fugu is the Japanese word for a type of puffer fish that, if not prepared very carefully, can be poisonous. Better not chance that one.

I’m okay with most of these being banned, but darn it if I don’t want my Kinder Egg! You can take my fugu, but you don’t take my chocolate!

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