She Found This Chest In A Castle’s Attic, And The Centuries-Old Artifacts Inside It Blew Her Mind

Who could resist peeking inside such a mysterious box? Hidden in the ramshackled attic of an old Scottish castle, the antique chest was hefty, dusty and large. In fact, you would need both hands just to lift its giant, creaking lid. So what was inside? Why, untold secrets and intrigue, of course.

Documenting the discoveries in photos and videos for imgur and YouTube, our intrepid explorer here goes by the online name of “annesrat” (though she is also known as “lumpytuna” on reddit). Interestingly, the castle where she found the chest, which she once described as “tumbledown” and “cold but beautiful,” has been in her family’s possession since the 14th century.

So, alone in the attic in the 21st century, annesrat gazed into the open chest. Inside, there was a mountain of paperwork, reams of documents, diaries and ledgers. There were accounts and logs, inventories and plans, and even an old leather satchel filled with schoolwork.

Some of the documents were bound in weathered folders, such as this collection of personal correspondence between a mother and son. Beautifully handwritten in spidery black ink, they were dated from 1775 to 1778 – more than two hundred years ago.

However, documents were not the only items of interest inside the chest. This piece of green, circular glass, for example, sparked much speculation on reddit. One poster thought it was part of an old telescope; another suggested that it was a filter used in painting; yet another said it was part of a starboard signal lamp.