Woman Makes A Discovery In Her Grandmother’s Attic And Quickly Embarks On An Unusual Mission

The bonds we share with our grandparents are unique. While our parents have to send us to our rooms when we misbehave and make us eat our veggies, grandma and grandpa get to slip us $5 bills and pre-dinner candy bars.

As deep as the bonds between grandparent and grandchild can get, every so often, something special crops up and brings us even closer to the grandparents who sat us on their knees when we were kids. One woman learned this for herself when she discovered a piece of her grandmother's past that took her breath away.

Amy Kavelaras, of Columbus, Ohio, didn't let working two jobs get in the way of her happiness. In fact, work was one of the things that brought her joy — she loved interacting with new people and bringing a smile to their faces.
Magic, romance, and adventure inspired everything Amy did, and this included the jobs she chose: dressing up like princesses from Disney movies and attending children's' parties and also working as a flight attendant for JetBlue airlines.
When Amy wasn't working she relished the time she got to spend with her family, particularly her grandmother. Granny Ruth had been a prevalent force in Amy's life since she was born, and Ruth always spoke highly about her lovely granddaughter.
While other seniors slowed down, Ruth had an unmatched zest for life. That's why it was so hard for Amy when she saw her grandmother begin to decline. She just needed more help than she once did.