A baby is, almost by definition, the most vulnerable member of any species. They need so much attention, care, and protection as they grow and develop, or they just wouldn’t last on their own.

That’s why it looked like it was too late for this baby kitten when Bradon Bingham, a resident of Utah, nearly tripped over it in the snow. The poor thing was frozen stiff. But Brandon acted quickly, and something truly miraculous happened.

The kitten was covered in snow and not moving.

01-kitten-frozen-in-snow-aliveYouTube / Inside Edition

Luckily, Brandon had some vet experience and knew how to perform CPR.

02-kitten-frozen-snow-alive-brought-backYouTube / InsideEdition

But you have to watch what happened next.

Thank goodness they didn’t give up. I just L-O-V-E happy endings!

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