45+ Funny Neighbors That Won The Internet

Finding an excellent neighborhood to live in is a matter of choice. If only we could choose our neighbors too, right? Some get blessed with thoughtful ones who become lifelong friends, while others must grit their teeth and bear with them. Still, every little thing that happens in the community makes for an interesting anecdote. Now, how do we get to know these little nuggets?

There's actually an app that allows people to register and post about anything and everything they come across in the hood. Naturally, this space is choc-a-bloc with information, updates about local events, complaints, invites, and job offers. It's a great way to let people know that they are not alone in the community and can share their concerns freely, even hoping to find help when needed. So, here's a compilation of some gems from that platform.

A Walk to Remember

This lengthy post by a walking enthusiast had us partly laughing and even feeling slightly embarrassed on her behalf. We bet this anecdote will be repeated at dinner tables for years to come making people laugh out of their seats. Honestly, this could happen to anyone.

The newbie to the walking group mistook a random stranger for a fellow member and kept the puzzled lady engaged in conversation while jogging alongside her to her doorstep. It was too late before she found out what a rookie error she had made. It's nice to see that instead of letting it go, the woman bared it all on the app, apologizing for her mistake.

Not Exactly A Crime

Come November and Thanksgiving Day; people get together with friends and family to be grateful for everything. So, when some folks put up their decorative lights well before time, it is considered over-eager and unsightly given that Christmas is still a long way off. Hence the reason for this person who feels so strongly about traditions taking offense and calling it a crime.

It indeed may not be so because, in many countries, people decorate their homes well in advance to enjoy the joyful atmosphere for longer. John needs to chill and let his neighbors brighten their place to spread some holiday cheer among grumpy residents. The world needs to light up more often, anyway.

No Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing

There are always some people in every community who go that extra mile to oversee their neighborhood. Here is a case where this person is super particular about the regular maintenance of the lawns in all the homes. How to get every front yard in the hood to look neat and presentable?

They want to get everyone to commit to mowing their lawns at least twice a week. A poll came out negative, with only 4% agreeing with this owner's plea for better lawn maintenance guidelines. We are sure the rest were relieved for not having to mow so many times in a month. Does the grass even grow back that quick?

Be Blessed to Serve Us

An audacious post like the one in the picture asking people to 'volunteer' as wait staff at their Thanksgiving dinner is sure to cause a furor among the neighbors. There is no way that we have misunderstood the job and the offer. She's inviting the community folks to offer their waitressing services for free on an important holiday.

Is it awful of us to hope no one applied for the unpaid job? A social media app is a great place to find out about available work options in the area but for payment. Still, it's unreasonable of someone to expect people to volunteer their services for free, especially for a family dinner.