Laughable Rules That Schools Actually Enforced On Students

Not all schools follow the same blueprint to “success.” Some are more intense than others, and they rattle off some truly weird rules to the kids in their care. Luckily for us, former students are speaking out about their experiences online, and with each nonsensical rule shared, it becomes clearer just how fine the line between logic and lunacy is. So, from baffling bans to restrictive regulations, we’re diving headfirst into 40 of the strangest school rules on record. We hope you’re ready!

Strictly no shoulders

Hands up those of you who didn’t need to wear school uniforms? Lucky you! Uniforms or not, one institution took things a whole step further. They brought in a seemingly random dress code for its students to follow: they weren’t allowed to expose their shoulders.

Why? Well, according to the Reddit user who posted about their school’s somewhat strange approach to modesty, it all came down to distraction. Those in charge believed that shoulders held the potential to disturb their students’ ability to focus...

Circles are unsafe

Are you sitting down? Good. Prepare yourself for a seriously mind-blowing school rule. Redditor EchoLimaOscarDelta wrote, “In grade eight, we were banned from standing in circles at recess because of potential scandalous activity going on in the middle. We stood in squares instead.”

Because, naturally, nothing obscene can take place when you're stood in a triangle, rhombus, or square! Hey, maybe being a square at that school isn't such a bad thing, after all?!

Ugg boot ban

When higher-ups at a school in Pennsylvania decided to alter their dress code, stating that Ugg boots were no longer allowed, it probably didn’t seem all that surprising. They’re not the most appropriate footwear for classes, after all. But that isn’t why the shoes were barred.

Apparently, the rule was created to stop girls from sneaking their phones into the institution. Wow. If anything, they should have praised their ingenuity! In all seriousness, though, Ugg surely must have noticed that roomy fit was the perfect substitute for a bag.

Barring bell peppers

Taking to Reddit, a user named TOo_0dd wrote, “[I] had a physics teacher who was cool if you ate food in class, but ‘banned’ bell peppers. He would say that you had to eat them or throw them away in advance before coming in, or he’d report you." The bell pepper ban is bizarre enough, but things got even weirder when the user explained the teacher's reasons why.

"People would ask him where his hatred for bell peppers came from, but he never budged. So that made it weird." On second thoughts, maybe we’d rather not know...