After about nine years together, Keith and Chad were ready to tie the knot near their Canton, Ohio home. They’d planned everything and worked to make their dream come true. They’d painted their own decorations, created handmade gifts, and even built their own cake stand. Yet just 30 days before their special day, they received an “RSVP” from one of their invited guests that was almost too cruel to believe.

After opening the invitation, Keith almost thought it was a joke. Eventually, however, he and Chad realized this piece of hate mail was very real.

Just a month before Keith and Chad hosted their dream wedding, they received an awful piece of hate mail in the form of a typed, no-return-address-included, unsigned RSVP.


It promised protests at their wedding. Keith and Chad were understandably shaken.

The letter made its way online, where it was spotted by members of New Vision UCC, a church in Canton. In a wonderful show of support, the church hosted a “card shower,” which invited well-wishers to send Keith and Chad signs of encouragement—just the way we should all respond to hate!

What a lovely way to show support for Keith and Chad and to fight back against prejudice! Keith and Chad successfully wed back in May, and are living a happy life as married couple.

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