Blackheads are the bane of everyone’s existence. That combination of sebum and dead skin cells clogs pores and is often too stubborn to clear out with soap alone. Pore cleaning strips help, but buying box after box can really add up.

Luckily, you can stop throwing your money away. You’ve got to try this!

You probably already have all the ingredients you need to make this at home! 


Combine the ingredients according to the steps below. 


Smear a thin layer of this paste over you skin using the popsicle stick or just your fingers if you prefer. 


You’ll be able to feel the paste drying and tightening on your face almost immediately. 


Once it’s set, the fun part begins! Slowly begin peeling away the mask.


You’ll actually be able to see the dirt and oil as it is pulled from your face. 


When you’re done peeling the mask away, rinse your face in warm water and pat dry to reveal glowing skin! 


You’ve got to try this yourself. The results speak volumes! 


It might sounds wacky, but count me in. This stuff really works!

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