Genius Hacks Every Plant Parent Needs In Their Life

Everyone wants gorgeous houseplant in their home, but not all of us excel when it actually comes to helping these plants thrive. In truth, there’s a lot more to being a good plant parent than meets the eye. So, to all the true green-thumbs out there, we salute you – because it’s your helpful hacks that will improve our plant game tenfold! Here are 40 genius hacks every plant parent needs in their life.

30. Group humidity-loving plants together

This hack is all about being strategic with your houseplants, and it’ll give you great results. It stands to reason that plants who grow in similar conditions in the wild – such as humidity-loving tropical plants – should be grouped together in the home as well. According to the plant lovers at Treehugger, clustering them closely like this will help them all benefit from the moisture given off by each plant. 

29. Grow herbs from cuttings

Have you ever wanted to grow fresh rosemary, basil, or thyme, but don’t fancy paying grocery store prices? Well, you’re in luck, because you can actually grow new herbs from the very cuttings you bought at the store! Simply clip a six-inch piece of the stem with leaf nodes, place it in water, and rest it in the sun until the stem sprouts new roots. Plant those roots in soil, and hey presto!

28. Make a vertical garden from an IKEA bag holder

This hack involves the Variera plastic bag dispenser – available for a few bucks at your local IKEA! Simply take that handy plastic contraption and affix it to the wall. Fill it with soil and some succulent plant seeds, and then watch as the plants grow through the holes in the dispenser. It’ll leave you with a truly eye-catching wall-mounted vertical garden – and it barely cost a thing!

27. Place a coffee filter in the bottom of your pot

Every plant pot will have drainage holes in the bottom, but sometimes they’re big enough that some wet soil can leak out through them. If you want to avoid this muddy mess – and also the potential of the holes becoming clogged, which can lead to root rot - there’s a simple hack. Put a coffee filter over the bottom of the pot and it will let water drain but keep the soil where it should be!