When you’re out snapping pictures of friends, very rarely are you paying close attention to what’s in the background. All you’re trying to do is frame the shot nicely and make sure everyone in it looks great.

Sometimes, when you take a look at the picture a few hours later, you realize that because you weren’t paying attention to what was in the background, you accidentally captured something strange. Every once in a while, it might be more than odd — it could be something pretty creepy.

Everyone likes snapping pictures of their friends when they go out, especially, when hiking. Nature and the idyllic scenery make for some very cool and unique photo opportunities.

Longtime Reddit user SlicedUpBeef was no stranger to taking great photos. She went hiking with her friend at Dundas Peak in Hamilton, Ontario so she could recreate this photo that her cousin took just a few days earlier.

5SlicedUpBeef / Reddit

The weather was warm and the sun was shining brightly. The girl and her friend were enjoying the day hanging out on the cliff’s edge and making the most of a great photo shoot.

They both took turns recreating her cousin’s photo that he took earlier in the week. She was going to see her cousin again in a few days and she was excited to be able to show him the pictures.

4SlicedUpBeef / Reddit

When SlicedUpBeef showed her cousin the pictures she had taken of her and her friend, he was impressed. But, as the two of them compared the photos, there was something very unusual that stood out.

In her cousin’s picture, it looked like the ghostly figure of a person was standing far off in the background! The area where the figure was standing was far too steep for hikers to climb. The two never found out what exactly was lurking in the background.

SlicedUpBeef still returns to the cliff frequently, but she will always remember her cousin’s creepy photo. It’s a reminder that even among the purity of nature, freaky things can happen.

Fear is a normal part of being alive as many everyday real-world situations can make our hearts race! These other creepy photos prove just that, though the brave souls in them may not think so…

1. Have you ever had as baaahhhd a night as the person who took this photo? Maybe these sheep are just waiting outside this house because they want food. Or maybe they’re having a satanic ritual. Who’s to say?

2. Lettuce is supposed to be vegan, right? This person probably didn’t order any frog legs in their salad. It would be pretty scary to see your produce move, and then suddenly “ribbit”.

3. If you thought the most dangerous part of surfing was having waves the size of a house crash over you, think again. Your ocean adventures could go from Surf’s Up to Jaws in the blink of an eye.

4. It’s one thing to stand on the top of a tall building and look out at the view, but it’s another thing altogether to relax by hanging off a tall building! This guy doesn’t seem too worried, making his either the bravest man alive or a total daredevil.

5. Oddly enough, we feel that when someone is dusting the center beams of a bridge that’s suspended thousands of feet over a cliff, some kind of protective wear should be applied. There is no way this passes the worker safety inspection. But hey, at least he’s wearing a helmet!

6. Do you ever get an irrational fear of something crawling out of the toilet while you’re doing your business? Guess what, it might actually happen! It’s better to always check the bowl before sitting down, or it may end up biting you in the butt.

7. Whatever brought you to Rite Aid on this sinister night, forget it. Did you know a group of crows is called a murder? This giant ‘murder’ is definitely up to something. Try Duane Reade instead.

8. Mountain climbing certainly isn’t a sport for the faint of heart, but it’s usually something that you can avoid if it’s not your style. Things you can’t avoid: hanging off the side of this cliff if you set out on this dangerous pathway in China. 

9. Geese are frightening animals — that much is obvious. They are bigger, louder, more aggressive versions of ducks and they like to screech and attack anyone who dares to lock eyes with them. But have you ever looked their mouths? Well… Don’t.

10. Dancing is a great way to burn calories and to stay fit while still having loads of fun. Dancing in the sky while plummeting towards the Earth… that’s something else entirely!

11. Let’s hope this handyman’s balance is as solid as his engineering skills. This is some serious dedication for a light bulb change though — maybe his work ethic will help him climb up the corporate ladder, too.

12. Have you ever seen people get really nervous when stepping on or off the escalator, and thought “what’s all the fuss about?” Tell that to the person who might have just lost their toes! Don’t forget to wear your titanium boots next time you hit the mall.

13. When one man set up a camera in his backyard to see who was leaving deer carcasses on his lawn, the last thing he expected was to capture this heart-pounding image of some kind of winged beast chasing down a poor little deer! 

14. Whenever you feel like kayaking down a river, make sure that river doesn’t end in an enormous waterfall anytime soon. These brave hearts (or utter fools) have made it literally to the edge of the world. We’re glad they’re still alive, but how will they get back?

15. Imagine going for a lovely hike in the forest, and suddenly clutching your heart because THIS dude appears in the corner of your eye. After a double take you might think it’s just a tree, but you actually just met Grandmother Willow’s husband. Her very creepy husband. 

16. It is fairly common knowledge that spiders are scary, and snakes are too, but a spider catching a snake in its web and eating it? That’s a hard pass. You might want to reconsider that trip to Australia before you meet the same fate as this little snake.

17. What do you think is a man’s worst nightmare? Whatever inappropriate and possibly sexist thing you may be considering, think again because nothing will ever beat a guillotine above a urinal.

18. Bears are pretty terrifying, but naked bears will haunt your dreams for the rest of your life. This shaven bear looks a little bit like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, yelling at kids to get out of his forest if they dare get too close. 

19. Natural disasters would make anybody’s heart race, but tornadoes may be the scariest. As a 100-foot tall whirlwind approaches, all you can think of is getting sucked in with the cows and spinning around for eternity. Kudos to whoever had the guts to take this picture before running.

20. As bicycles become a more popular form of transportation, cities should increase their number of dedicated bike lanes… and probably not place this type of manhole cover in them. We really hope this lady didn’t break anything, but if she did, we hope she successfully sues her city for at least a million dollars.