For as long as there have been cameras, people have been trying to capture evidence of the paranormal as proof that we are not alone in the world. While their success has been limited, it’s undeniable that some people have nonetheless managed to capture some pretty freaky stuff.

Some famous ghostly images have been proven false, but others, like the ones you’re about to see, remain unexplained. So make sure you look at these with the lights on.

1. After his death, Lord Combermere’s family requested that a photo of his study be taken. They were shocked when the photo revealed that while Comberemere might be dead, he hadn’t gone anywhere. 


2. When sailors James Courtney and Michael Meehan were killed by a gas leak on their ship, they were buried at sea. Soon their former crewmates began to see their faces in the water surrounding boat.


3. An antiques merchant captured this ghostly hand when he tried to photograph this piece of furniture for sale.


4. Imagine how shocked these tourists were to get home from a trip to the Grand Canyon and find a strange hooded figure in their photograph.


5. The picture allegedly captures an image of the ghost haunting the 150-year-old Decebal Hotel in Romania. Legend says there is treasure buried beneath the hotel and that the ghost guards it. 


6. When her grandchildren developed this photo, they spotted a ghostly figured that looked just like their late grandfather standing protectively behind their grandmother.


7. This photo of the so-called “Brown Lady” is the one of the most famous ghost photos of all time. Even though it’s almost 100 years old, people still marvel at the unexplained apparition in the center of the photo.


8. This father wanted to take a photo of his young daughter, but it looks like he caught someone else crawling along the floor too.


9. This fan of the Old West was eager to get his photo taken at historic Boothill Cemetery. But when he developed the picture, he noticed a strange figure crouching in the bushes behind him.


10. The ghostly specter captured here among the trees seems to be praying.


11. In the upper left hand corner of the table you’ll spot a hooded figure with a shrouded face.


12. Error in film development or a ghostly presence making itself known? You decide.


13. In the top right loft, you’ll notice the foggy image of a ghost. This could be a choir member who wasn’t ready to move on.


14. The House of Seven Gables is notoriously haunted. Check out that childlike ghost peering over the fence.


15. Not even a church altar is safe from spiritual activity. 


16. This ghost appears to be approaching the train tracks. Perhaps this was the scene of their very demise. 


17. This little girl peacefully peering out the door doesn’t seem odd until you realize that the building is on fire.


18. Notice the ghostly bespectacled passenger in the back?


19. Being dead wasn’t going to stop Freddy Jackson from missing picture day with his army unit.


20. Can you see him? If you look closely enough, it actually looks more than a little bit like the ghost is holding onto that long piece of wood. Could he be a smoky apparition that only appears to those who look hard enough? Possibly.


21. Don’t be alarmed, but there is definitely a creepy ghost lady inside of that little house. (Hint: Check the window.) Why is she stalking that unsuspecting young man in the foreground of the photo? Let’s hope he’s alright…


22. This is said to be the ghost of the lighthouse keeper’s daughter. Why do you think she might still be haunting that old structure? Was she killed there? Or does her ghost remain there simply because she loved the place so much?


23. The holidays sure are a strange time. You know how it is: You’re sitting around the tree, enjoying some nice quality time with your family, when suddenly a ghost walks in and starts hanging around like she belongs there. It’s the same thing every year.


24. Nope, that definitely does not look like anything that most people would want to run into in the middle of the woods! If you can’t see the ghost yet, try looking toward the top lefthand side of this image. There’s no denying how clearly that looks like a creepy little girl…


25. This is supposedly the ghost of a Gettysburg soldier. You may think that he could just be a convincing Civil War reenactment actor, but if that were the case, why would he be so much more blurry than everybody else in this photo?


26. “Don’t turn around!” This woman may look like she’s about to doze off to sleep in the middle of this public place, but it would certainly appear that there is a remarkably clear, spooky ghost just waiting to give her a heart attack.


27. “Hey, can I use your bathroom? Yes, I know I’m a ghost, and you can barely see me, but I promise I won’t haunt you. Well, maybe I will, but only if you don’t let me use your bathroom, so please, it’s really an emergency!”


28. “Sorry, folks, but we’re closed. Forever.” Why do you think a little ghost like that would be haunting a nice, quiet restaurant like this one anyway? Do you think she might have died from choking on their food?


29. This is why you don’t stay at school after hours. If you try to sneak in and steal your biology teacher’s test answers, you might just find yourself confronting the apparition of a girl who died after eating the school’s pizza.


30. “Oh, that guy? That’s just Cemetery Terry. He may look frightening, but pay him no mind, because he’s just here to make sure that nobody robs the graves or anything like that. There’s nothing scary about that, right?”


31. “You’re on the wrong floor, lady. This is the eighth floor, dedicated to small groups of people laughing in large, mostly empty rooms. The room for spooky ghosts is actually the ninth floor. Don’t worry, everybody makes that mistake.”


32. Ghosts sure love doorways, don’t they? One of the best things about this photo, though, is how much it looks like that poor dog is freaking the heck out because he senses the ghost behind him, while his oblivious human is having the time of her life!


Everyone loves a good ghost story, whether it’s told while sitting around a campfire or during a middle school sleepover. Still, part of the fun includes the knowledge that it’s not real. Unfortunately for Adam Ellis, it was…

Most people will quickly brush off those who claim they’ve had encounters with supernatural beings. Ghosts and UFOs are simply just figments of your imagination, they’ll say. But Adam, who makes his living as a cartoonist in New York City, was not imagining things…

One day, Adam posted a strange photograph on Twitter. His cats had been gathering by the door around midnight. No one was in the hall, and Adam worried something else was drawing them to that spot. Was his apartment haunted? His followers were skeptical—until he produced proof…

Adam’s haunting tale began with a single tweet: “So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he’s trying to kill me.” Over the course of four months—and 361 more tweets—his story would unfold in a convincingly terrifying fashion.

Adam, who often experienced sleep paralysis, began having strange dreams involving a disfigured boy. In another dream, he was approached by a girl at a library. “You’ve seen Dear David, haven’t you?” she’d asked. “He’s dead. He only appears at midnight, and you can ask him two questions if you [say] ‘Dear David’ first. Oh and he’d murder anyone who asked a third question.”

Adam was obviously horrified. A couple of weeks later, he saw the boy—”Dear David”—again in a dream. David sat in a green rocking chair in Adam’s room. Remembering the girl’s instructions, Adam asked about the boy’s death. David said that he was killed in a store after someone hit him over the head with a shelf.

Then, Adam asked who murdered him—the forbidden third question. David went silent, and Adam woke up in a panic. Was he going to die? He wasn’t sure. After that dream, weird stuff started happening, especially once he moved into the apartment upstairs. Adam’s cats began to stare and meow at the front door each night around midnight.

What had started as a series of dreams suddenly became very real as Adam heard random noises or saw objects moving. He documented everything on Twitter, and his followers asked what the boy looked like. The cartoonist drew this…

Adam eventually installed a security camera, which ended up capturing something strange—his cats seemed to be interacting with something inside the apartment. By now, his Twitter followers were captivated, and his audience grew with each eerie update…

Adam’s followers suggested a number of ways to ward off evil spirits–salt, burning sage—all to no avail. David continued to haunt his dreams, too. Even when Adam traveled to Japan on vacation, he felt Dear David following him. For instance, while out sightseeing, he saw a statue that looked eerily similar to the boy…

When he returned home, Adam took photographs of the front door. Even though the lights were on, the hallway always appeared darkened. He also noticed loud sounds coming from above his apartment—despite living on the top floor. He noticed a trap door on the ceiling above the stairwell, so he decided to investigate.

Adam purchased a long pole and attempted to push the door open. That was when something suddenly fell out from the hatch to the bottom of the stairs. When he walked over to it, it stopped him in his tracks—it was a child’s leather shoe.

Terrified, Adam asked his landlord to help. Armed with a tall ladder, the landlord opened the hatch and looked at the crawlspace above the stairs. He found nothing… except for this old marble. After that, things only became creepier for poor Adam.

Hoping to gather more evidence, Adam downloaded an app that would take a picture from his phone every minute. Then, he set it up facing his bed and went to sleep. The next day, he woke up with an uneasy feeling as he sifted through the hundreds of pictures the app had taken…

That was when he saw it: a little demonic boy, watching him while he slept. It was Dear David. Stunned, Adam continued to look through the pictures, wondering if any others would show the boy.

In another photo, the figure looked up to the ceiling. Then, just as quickly as he arrived, Dear David vanished, only to return moments later—this time looming over Adam on his bed!

But it was the last photo that really terrified Adam: Dear David’s head could be seen as it moved toward the camera. In response, Adam tweeted, “I’m at a loss for words. That malformed ear, that stringy hair. I didn’t even know what to think.”

Adam’s followers were floored by the story and the photos he captured. Yet, that night seemed to mark the ending of Dear David. He began tweeting less about him and he even claimed he hadn’t seen him since, although he still got “weird” feelings on occasion.

While many people have debated whether or not Adam’s story was true or simply an attempt to further his career as a cartoonist, the story continues to attract both believers and skeptics all over the globe…

Perhaps, we’ll never know the absolute truth about whether Dear David was real or simply the creation of a bored cartoonist, but that doesn’t make the photos and story itself any less haunting!