People who work in law enforcement see strange things on the job every day. These dedicated officers witness the best and the worst of humanity…but sometimes they come across some activity that isn’t human at all.

Here are 10 unexplained paranormal events that have happened right in front of police officers’ very eyes, and they’re beyond strange!

1. The Ghost on the Camera

This gas station surveillance camera in New Mexico captured something that caught the eye of a police officer on duty. Since the station was secured with both a gate and an alarm system, this gliding white figure couldn’t be a person. What’s even stranger: other officers also reported hearing unexplained noises in the area…which just so happens to be the site of a series of unsolved murders.

2. The Soul Collector

New York City Manhattan downtown skyline at night from Liberty Park with light beams in memory of September 11 viewed from New Jersey waterfront.Imgur

After the devastation of 9/11, Lt. Frank Marra was one of the officers given the solemn task of searching through the World Trade Center rubble. During one of his long shifts, he remembers seeing a woman in a Red Cross uniform trying to serve the workers coffee and sandwiches — a common Red Cross duty during WWII. However, every time he tried to get a better look at her, she disappeared. Several other officers saw the same woman, along with large shadows and black masses among the debris. More than a decade later, Lt. Marra believes the mystery Red Cross woman was actually a soul collector helping to guide spirits into the afterlife.

3. The Enfield House

ghosts3Haunted Attraction

In 1977, the Hodgson family claimed that an evil entity had taken over their house. They reported shaking beds, loud knocking, and furniture moving by itself, and they even said that one of the children had levitated above her bed! Despite calling in famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, most people believed the family was lying. That is, until Police Constable Carolyn Heeps signed an official statement saying that she had also witnessed strange activity: a chair had hovered above the floor and moved across the room in front of her very eyes.

4. The Capitol Theatre

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Sheriff’s deputy Dave Murphy didn’t believe in ghosts…until he started working security at Salt Lake City’s Capitol Theatre. Dark shadows moved through the walls, doors slammed shut by themselves in the empty building, and specters even began to show themselves on the stage. Things got scary when the spirits decided they wanted Murphy out of the building and physically attacked him. He’s not the only person to experience strange things in the theatre; staff members have also come across the ghost, whom they suspect is a 17-year-old usher who died in a fire there in 1947.

5. The English Crop Circles

Robella d'Asti hamlet of Cavallo Grigio(AT):people inside a crop circle appeared on the night between Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30th 2013 in a field in Robella d'Asti,Piedmont,Italy.Imgur

When an off-duty police sergeant was driving along a rural English road and saw three forensic officers staring at the ground in a field, he decided to stop and help. When he got closer to the figures, who were all dressed in white and over 6 feet tall, they took off faster than humanly possible as the sound of static electricity filled the air. That thing on the ground they were looking at? A crop circle that had appeared a few days before.

6. The Mysterious Voice

Car in stream crashedImgur

Jennifer Groesbeck was driving home with her 18-month-old daughter Lily when her car crash landed upside down in a river. When police officers reached the scene over 14 hours later, they heard a female voice calling out to them, and they rushed to pull any survivors from the partially submerged vehicle. However, they soon found that Jennifer was dead — and had been for several hours. Baby Lily was hanging upside down above the water, unconscious but still alive. The rescue workers rushed her to a hospital, where she made a full recovery…but the officers still can’t explain the voice that saved Lily’s life.

7. The Inmate And The Devil


In 1983, prison inmate Don Decker received a brief leave to attend his grandfather’s funeral. While washing his hands one night at a friend’s house, he suddenly fell to the floor, emerging from the room with deep scratches on his wrists and a vision of an old man wearing a crown. The next several days saw police officers visit the home for reports of water raining down the walls, scratches and burns on Don’s skin in the shape of a cross, and even the inmate himself being flung about the room. The strange occurrences continued after he returned to prison, leaving most of the officers involved convinced that he had become possessed by the Devil.

8. The Lights in the Forest

Rays of light in the foggy forestImgur

Just after Christmas 1980, RAF officer James Penniston responded to reports of bright lights in England’s Rendlesham Forest expecting to find a plane crash. What he and other officers stumbled upon, however, was something none of them could explain. A fully intact triangular craft rested on three legs on the ground, surrounded by strange blue and yellow lights and air that pulsed with electricity. All of their radios started to malfunction as the officers tried to inspect the craft, which suddenly lifted off the ground and flew away at an unthinkable speed. Over 80 officers were present at the time, all of whom witnessed the same thing…and all of whom were soon ordered not to discuss what they had seen.

9. The Demon House


In Gary, Indiana in 2014, a family contacted police with claims that their home was haunted. Mysterious footprints would appear throughout the house, and the three children living there would levitate and walk backward up the walls. A local police captain believed the family, especially when the above photo surfaced of a mysterious figure on the porch of the then-empty home. Even after the photograph was proven to be a hoax, the disturbing incidents continued, and psychics determined that the house was inhabited by 200 demons who were possessing the three children. Some people were still skeptical, but once the family moved to another home, the children returned to normal. Thankfully, the “demon house” was demolished in 2016.

1. The Incident at Devil’s Peak

A massive flock of birds emanates from an abandoned home. Composite image.Imgur

As a child, Maurice “Frenchy” Theriault was forced to witness and participate in horrific acts of abuse at his family’s farm house. After a particularly cruel incident, he noticed himself develop strange abilities, like abnormal strength and knowledge of things he never learned. Eventually, he moved to Massachusetts, where he married and bought his own farm. In 1985, however, disturbing things began happening in his new house: blood would appear everywhere, items would go missing, strange voices could be heard. Frenchy’s wife even noticed him disappearing and reappearing all over the house — an occurrence that was witnessed by police officers on multiple occasions. Soon, Frenchy turned in all of his guns to the local police for fear of what the spirits would make him do. Eventually, investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren helped arrange an exorcism on Frenchy, and the demon was banished for good. Still the damage was done: Frenchy was arrested several years later for sexual abuse of a minor…a crime that the Warrens swear was influenced by the demon inside him.

These police officers definitely didn’t train for this at the Academy!

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