Think of genetics like a roadmap: Scientists can look at anyone’s genomes and pretty much figure out where they’re headed and how they’re going to develop. That’s what made a man named Adam Rainer so peculiar. His map didn’t make sense.

Born in Graz, Austria, in 1899, Rainer was much shorter than the average baby, and doctors diagnosed him with dwarfism. However, over the course of his life, he experienced a growth spurt unlike anything medical professionals ever encountered before. Something was wrong — and the experts had to figure out where he was going.

Standing on the left? The tallest man in the world at the end of the 19th-century, Adam Ranier. It’s almost impossible to believe that, just a few years prior, Adam was barely taller than the man on the right — the world’s shortest man.


How, the experts wondered, did Adam Rainer seem to stop growing and then just…start all over again. To better understand such an odd case, the experts dug into Adam’s entire life. It was like nothing they’d ever seen.


Adam was born in the town of Graz, which was in Austria. His parents were fairly average in height, without any cases of gigantism or dwarfism in the family.

So, Adam’s parents were shocked to learn their son was going to grow to be well below the average height of a normal child. But, like any parent, they accepted the truth with pride.


Because of his mutation, Adam was studied by doctors throughout much of his childhood, ensuring no further abnormalities occurred. Adam lived a relatively normal life, until around the the First World War.

Adam was eager to enlist and fight for his country, but because of his height, he was deemed an ineffectual soldier and denied access. Dejected, he returned home. That’s when his feet started to grow.


Without growing an inch taller, Adam’s shoe size started increasing. His feet grew and grew, until he was wearing size 20 shoes. Great, Adam thought. Now he was short and his feet were huge.

To put his feet into perspective, Shaquille O’Neal, the enormous seven-foot basketball player, wears a size 23, but Adam was barely five feet tall at the time! Once Adam hit 21 years of age, however, everything changed drastically.

Roger Kisby / Getty Images

A growth spurt unlike doctors had ever seen struck Adam like a freight train, and after only one decade, he shot up to just over seven feet! Nothing made sense doctors. They wracked their brains for theories — how was this possible?

Doctors assumed there was an issue with Adam’s pituitary gland creating excessive amounts of growth hormones and causing acromegaly, a hormonal disorder. Okay, Adam wondered. But what did that mean for him? Would he stop growing?

MrAcromegalic / reddit

Doctors informed him that this disorder came with other dire side effects. While Adam may not have felt them right away, at some point, they’d set in. They were right. Soon, Adam was suffering.

About halfway through the rapid growth spurt Adam’s spine began severely bending, causing extreme pain and, interestingly enough, a drastic lack of appetite. Not long after, other senses began to fail also.

Brigham Health Hub

The vision in his right eye soon began to wane, and he eventually lost all sight. It was only a matter of time before his hearing went, as well. All these issues forced doctors to conclude they needed to operate.

On December 2, 1930, a professor named O. Hirsch performed an invasive operation to remove a tumor growing on Adam’s pituitary gland. If all went well, they could put a stop to his rampant growth, and he could settle into a relatively normal life.

Unfortunately, the surgery didn’t have the intended effect. Adam stopped growing for a little while, but in a few weeks’ time, he was shooting upwards again. Would anything ever change, he wondered?

After the operation, Adam was essentially bedridden. His back ached; walked was impossible. His health grew worse and worse until he sadly passed away in 1950 from ongoing problems. After he passed, newspapers approach his life heartlessly.

Writers and journalists debated how tall he was in his prime. Did he hold a record? Did he touch eight feet? He became a figure in the eyes of the media — his humanity disregarded.

New York Public Library

But this was not so uncommon for people who dazzle us with height. Others like Adam were treated almost like mythical creatures. One famous giant was able to capitalize. No one knew how much he suffered.

Diagnosed with gigantism as a child, French-born André Roussimoff weighed 13 pounds at birth and only continued growing from there. From there, he kept growing.

By the time he was 12 years old, André weighed 240 pounds and stood more than six feet tall. He was so large, in fact, that he was unable to fit on the school bus — he had to ride in the bed of a pickup truck to get to school.

Despite showing promise in mathematics, André left school at age 14 and began working on his father’s farm. Judging by the size of that hand, the young Frenchman wasn’t just going to be picking tomatoes.

André’s strength was so great that he could perform the work of three men, barely breaking a sweat as he did so. He also used his might for more mischievous purposes, pranking his neighbors by lifting their cars — and sometimes, by lifting them, too!

When André reached his largest size, he stood a staggering 7’4″, weighed over 500 pounds, and wore size 22 shoes. André had grown head and shoulders beyond his peers — literally — and by 1964, he’d outgrown farm life, too.

At age 17, André joined the professional wrestling circuit, becoming “Géant Ferré” and squashing everyone in his path. André’s popularity skyrocketed, leading him to catch the eye of a certain savvy wrestling promoter.

On March 26, 1973, André debuted for Vince McMahon, Sr.’s newly formed World Wide Wrestling Federation (later World Wrestling Federation). Billed as “André the Giant,” André quickly became a fan favorite — though his performance in the ring was anything but friendly.


For the next 15 years, André maintained an unprecedented win streak, racking up countless victories as opponents trembled before him. And with each and every win, André’s pockets grew to match his size.

Bettmann / Getty

By the early ’70s, André was the highest-paid wrestler in the world, raking in $400,000 a year and actually earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Luckily, the giant Frenchman’s income was just enough to support his appetite.

To fuel his body, André consumed ungodly amounts of food — he once ate 12 steaks and 15 lobsters in a single sitting! The big guy loved his food, though there actually was one thing André loved even more…

His booze. André’s drinking was the stuff of legend, with some fellow wrestlers claiming to have watched him guzzle more than a hundred beers in an evening. Yet despite being the unofficial “greatest drunk on Earth,” André couldn’t always hold his alcohol.

One famous story recounts the night André passed out cold in a Pennsylvania hotel lobby after knocking back 127 beers. Hotel staff members tried to move him to his room, but André was so heavy that they actually left him there to sleep it off!

These antics, coupled with his jaw-dropping size, soon landed André roles on popular American television shows. One of his more notable appearances came in 1976, when he played Bigfoot in a two-part episode of The Six Million Dollar Man.


Yet even with his popularity higher than ever, André stunned the world when his wrestling persona turned from good guy to villain. This heel turn culminated in several historic matches against Hulk Hogan, including the iconic main event of Wrestlemania III.


Unfortunately, the ill effects of his pituitary condition coupled with years of strain began to show during this time, leading André to undergo numerous surgeries. His back seemed to the be the worst of his maladies, and he actually shrank from 7’4″ to 6’10” after undergoing an operation in the early ’80s.

Jeffrey Asher / Getty Images

However, 6’10” proved to be the perfect size for Rob Reiner, who cast him as the giant Fezzik in 1987’s The Princess Bride. According to André, this was his favorite acting role of his career, and he even carried a copy of the film with him whenever he traveled.

20th Century Fox

Yet even in Hollywood, the giant couldn’t escape his deteriorating body. André actually couldn’t even carry Robin Wright (Princess Buttercup) during the filming of The Princess Bride; the scene where she jumps into his arms was shot with the help of wires.

20th Century Fox

Sadly, André’s fight against the very condition that’d made him an icon ended when he died in his sleep on January 27, 1993. His cause of death was ruled as congestive heart failure — he was just 46 years old.

The world was shocked and saddened by André’s death, with tributes to the legendary wrestler pouring out from all reaches of the globe. The WWF (now WWE) actually founded the WWF Hall of Fame that year in his honor and made André the sole inaugural inductee.

Twelve years later, André’s one-time rival and longtime friend Hulk Hogan was inducted into that very same Hall of Fame. Yet while André’s legacy has come to be known as one of personal strength and triumph, Hogan’s will be forever marred by controversy.

Wrestling fan or not, you know who Hulk Hogan is. He exploded onto the scene in the late ’70s, and quickly became a household name. However, his demeanor out of the ring is far different than the mayhem he caused in it.

The Hulkster’s made some poor choices as of late, and he’s come under fire for the controversial actions and downright inappropriate comments. Through it all, though, he’s leaned on his family to keep him going.

But like any father, Hogan has a soft spot for his little girl. Fans of the reality show Hogan Knows Best knew he would stand by his daughter no matter what — and her, him.

In 2007, Linda Hogan filed for divorce, and the family went through a stressful period of lawsuits and infidelity claims. Meanwhile Brooke was making career moves — and taking photos — Hulk Hogan would’ve liked to take out with the Big Boot.

See, the “plot” of Hogan Knows Best was Hogan trying to manage Brooke’s aspiring musical career, using his celebrity status to get it off the ground. While Brooke did land a couple of hit singles, her albums were pretty much trashed by critics.

But based on the brief success of the show Hogan Knows Best, Brooke was offered a chance at her own show, aptly titled Brooke Knows Best. People weren’t that interested, and after 20 episodes VH1 pulled it. The Hulkster cringes at this promotional photo.

Around that same time, though, Brooke turned her sights to wrestling, thinking she could rile up dormant Hulkamaniacs. But even though she had the looks and name to succeed, she was rushed into the Impact Wrestling spotlight, and fans didn’t take to her.

During her wrestling stint, Brooke participated in a storyline relationship with wrestler Bully Ray. Their “relationship” led to a photo Hogan is probably mortified to look at today.

He actually walked Brooke down the wrestling aisle so she could “marry” Bully Ray. The whole bit was strange, and once Bully Ray and Brooke’s television relationship ended, so did her stint on the show. Meanwhile, she was making relationship moves Hulk didn’t agree with.

Fathers are naturally concerned about the men their daughters bring home, and when Brooke showed up with a rapper named Stacks, Hogan wasn’t thrilled. Then, intimate photos of the couple surfaced, which definitely didn’t help the cause.

Then, in 2013, a former Dallas Cowboys player proposed to Brooke while they vacationed in Vegas. At the time it seemed like a good idea, but after only months they called it quits. It’s definitely a relationship both Hogan and Brooke would prefer to forget.

During these years, Hulk watched his family fall apart. His then-wife walked away with almost his entire fortune, and that’s something difficult to ever forgive. He definitely hopes Brooke takes on his genes instead of Linda’s.

Brooke showed great compassion after Nick wrecked his car while traveling at a ridiculous speed. The passenger ended up with severe brain damage and Nick served jail time. This hug Brooke gave him was on the day of his release.

Still, Hogan’s made some increasingly bad decisions himself. Here, Hogan’s wearing a shirt that reads “Bubba Army,” which references DJ Bubba the Love Sponge. Oddly, Hulk was sleeping with his then wife. You might wanna throw that shirt away, Hogan.

Then there’s this entire event. It was actually Hulk’s birthday, which is always fun, but there were blown-up pictures of his daughter in revealing poses all around. Not something a father wants to ever see. Or maybe he would, given what he’s Tweeted.

Like most people who love social media nowadays, you better believe Hogan hits Twitter like any other celeb. He tweeted this photo of Brooke at one point with a comment about her toned legs, which is… creepy to say the least.

Still, ever active on social media, Hulk probably did a double take when he saw Brook posted this Instagram photo. You can imagine he doesn’t want his daughter sharing photos that might get her male followers overly interested. He knows how some men think.

After Hulk’s life settled down a bit, he must’ve been shocked in 2018 when Brooke landed a spot on MTV’s The Challenge: Champs Versus Stars. During one scene, which likely made him super uncomfortable watching, Brooke broke down after a teammate called her out for quitting. As we all know, Hogan never quit when inside the ring.

Still, Brooke recovered well, as she seems happier than ever with partner Kyle Rowe. Maybe Hulk will play a low role with this one and let Brooke do her own thing. But, only time will tell, brother.

For Hulk, it must’ve been painful to see Brooke never quite able to harness the energy of Hulkamania and start running wild on life. Still, the demons he battled outside the ring were nothing compared to what another WWF star faced.

Looking back at Jake “The Snake” Robert’s career, you can hardly call it a disappointment. He racked up a ton of title wins and developed into one of the most influential wrestlers ever. But behind the scenes, he was suffering.


Born in 1955, he was the son of pro wrestler Aurelian “Grizzly” Smith, who was a monster in the ring and at home. He ruthlessly beat Jake and his siblings, while sexually assaulting and impregnating one of Jake’s sisters.

Grizzly cast a long shadow over the entire household. To cope with the trauma, Jake started drinking at age 11. Soon, he turned to other substances. His sister fared even worse.

Unable to stay under the same roof as Grizzly, the teenager ran off and married a man 35 years her senior. Later on, the husband’s jealous ex-wife kidnapped and murdered Jake’s sister. He tried to block out the horror however he could.

As a young man, Jake had a confusing relationship with his father. While he hated all the pain Grizzly put the family through, he also wanted to make his dad proud. That’s how Jake ended up following in his footsteps by entering the ring himself in 1974.

Reddit / generic_von_erich

As a matter of fact, two of Jake’s siblings became wrestlers as well: Michael “Sam Houston” Smith and Rockin’ Robin Smith. Maybe they were also trying to impress their dad, or maybe it was the only path they knew. Either way, they chose a difficult life.

Early on, Jake struggled to develop a persona and mostly bounced around lower-tier events. His family ties made fights extra painful, as opponents went out of their way to hurt him when they learned he was the son of the sadistic Grizzly Smith.

However, Jake turned his career around with one simple rhyme. He styled himself as a slippery villain and entered fights with a live python coiled around his neck. Following a string of big-name victories, he joined the ranks of the World Wrestling Foundation.


Even though Vince McMahon and the other WWF bigwigs never envisioned The Snake as a star, fans couldn’t help but fall for his magnetic personality. Jake’s profile rose, and he earned the opportunity to feud with wrestling legends like Andre the Giant.

Wikimedia Commons

Jake’s big personality made him a recognized name even outside of the wrestling world. In the mid-1980s, he hosted a weekly talk show called The Snake Pit, where he interviewed other wrestlers and entertainers. Still, Jake wasn’t enjoying his success.


Notwithstanding the anti-drug campaign he headlined, Jake grew increasingly reliant on substances to get through each day. Still grappling with childhood distress, he chased away his unhappiness with pills, cocaine, and vast amounts of alcohol.

After a while, Jake couldn’t find any way to improve his mood. He admitted that during that period, “Life meant nothing to me. It gets to a point where you put yourself in such a dark hole there is no light.”

Flickr / John McKeon

Jake confessed he tried to take his own life multiple times during the height of his fame. And if he didn’t have enough emotional pain to deal with, his physical injuries also took their toll.

Years in the ring have completely erased stretches of Jake’s memory, and he bears the scars of many showdowns gone wrong, like when his Elvis-themed rival, the Honky Tonk Man, smashed a real guitar into the back of Jake’s head.

Express Highlights

By the 1990s, Jake cleaned up his act and decided to transition more into the behind-the-scenes sphere of wrestling. Unfortunately, he found himself pining for the thrill of the fight. The instability brought his alcoholism and depression rushing back.

The Independent

Falling apart at the seams, Jake let himself go and had trouble caring for his own well-being. A documentary crew even caught him smoking crack. It was clear to everyone around him that if Jake kept this up, he wouldn’t be around much longer.


Most people wanted nothing to do with Jake by this point, but in 2012 an old friend reemerged to lend the snake a helping hand. Wrestling legend and longtime ally Diamond Dallas Page reached out to Jake and made an extraordinary offer.

Diamond Dallas invited the floundering Jake to move in with him and get sober. He coached his old friend through his entire recovery, teaching him yoga and talking out his long-neglected trauma.

Ultimately, it was the fight of The Snake’s life. Like the champion he was born to be, Jake came out on top. For perhaps the first time in his life, he faces each new day with a happy and healthy mindset. He also has dedicated himself to an entirely new battle.

Rolling Stone

Jake wanted to connect with people dealing with similar troubles, so he embarked on The Dirty Details Tour. Blending stories from his career, stand-up comedy, and motivational speaking, he tours the country and shares his message of redemption.

YouTube / Loper and Randi’s Vlog Channel

Jake didn’t bounce back from his personal struggles until his 60s, so he’s a shining example that it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf. And in the wrestling world, he’s not the only star to transition into a fascinating second act.

Hailed as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Ric Flair and his “Nature Boy” persona remain as iconic now as they were back in the ’70s. Flair is still involved in WWE and just recently married his former WCW valet, Wendy Barlow, in 2018. / Pinterest

Kane, “The Devil’s Favorite Demon” burst onto the WWF scene in 1997 and has since left a trail of destruction in his wake that includes three world-championship reigns. Outside the ring, Glenn Jacobs is actually the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee!

Sporting News / Sports Illustrated

No woman in WWE history made a greater career leap than Trish Stratus, going from oversexed diva to seven-time Women’s Champion. Patricia Stratigeas made a return to the ring in 2018, though she spends most of her time as a fitness master at her yoga studio, Stratusphere.

Mandatory / News People

Known as “The Phenom,” “The Deadman,” and even “Big Evil,” The Undertaker is arguably one of the most well-known – and feared – wrestlers of all time. These days, the 17-time champion works as a real estate investor and is married to former WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

Green Screene / Michelle McCool / Instagram

Hailed as the greatest villain in pro wrestling history, “The Million Dollar Man”, Ted DiBiase, also had the technical skills to cement his legacy as a WWE icon. DiBiase has since become an ordained minister, preaching for the Heart of David Ministry.

Crave the Auto / Baptist Press

One of the first WWE Divas to grace the squared circle, Sable is not only remembered as a company sex symbol but was also the second woman to hold the reinstated Women’s Championship. She’s currently married to WWE star Brock Lesnar.

WWE / Wrestling Media

Over the course of his illustrious career, Mick Foley was known for wrestling under three unique monikers: Dude Love, Mankind, and Cactus Jack. Today, Foley is a best-selling author and frequently tours the U.S. to promote his books.

Pinterest / Ringside Hotel

Most wrestling pundits include “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels in the G.O.A.T. conversation. Michael Hickenbottom is currently one of the primary trainers at the WWE Performance Center and also hosts his own television show, Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures.


What WWE fan could forget the clock-smashing, worm-eating menace known as The Boogeyman? With his days of terrorizing the WWE locker room behind him, Martin Wright now works as an aerobics instructor in Aurora, Colorado.


Originally billed as “The Giant” during his tenure with WCW, Big Show has been a staple of WWE programming for over two decades. Outside the ring, Paul Wight Jr. earned his first lead acting role in 2010’s Knucklehead.

After a brief WCW stint, Jacqueline Moore made a name for herself in the WWF by winning the Women’s Championship twice and even the men’s Cruiserweight title. Moore left the company in 2004, though she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016.


: Since 1983, “Hulkamania” has been running wild over the wrestling world to the tune of 12 world championships. A 2015 scandal caused WWE to cut ties with Terry Bollea aka Hulk Hogan, but after a series of apologies, he was reinstated back into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018.

We can’t forget “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. If there was Mount Rushmore of WWE greats, the “Texas Rattlesnake” would be front and center. Austin’s beer-drinking, anti-establishment persona remains one of WWE’s most famous gimmicks, though the real-life Steve Austin prefers to spend his retirement sober on his Nevada ranch.

ThoughtCo / Mandatory

During his WWE career, the Edge, the “Rated-R Superstar” achieved an unprecedented level of success, winning a record seven World Heavyweight titles and 12 tag-team championships. Adam Copeland has since made the leap to acting, most recently starring as Ketill Björnsson on Vikings.


Whether you know him as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, “The Game,” or “The Cerebral Assassin,” Triple H has become synonymous with WWE superstardom. Today, Paul Levesque serves as the company’s EVP of Talent, Live Events, and Creative, continuing to push WWE into the future.

WWE / YouTube

After getting her start in Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling as Tina Ferrari, Lisa Moretti joined the WWE as Ivory where she became a three-time Women’s Champion. Following her retirement, Moretti opened Downtown Dog, an animal care facility, in Friday Harbor, Washington.

The Mirror / Ring the Damn Bell

As the most electrifying man in all of sports entertainment, The Rock put jabronis to shame with 10 world championship wins. These days, Dwayne Johnson is known as a Hollywood A-lister, starring in one blockbuster film after the next.

Pinterest / Fortune

Once known as “The Legs of the WWE,” Stacy Keibler was pushed from the get-go as one of the company’s premiere divas on account of her striking looks. She’s currently pursuing a career in both acting and modeling and wed Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre in 2014.

WWE / Us Weekly

Dubbed WWE’s top prize from its acquisition of WCW, Booker T’s legendary career is marked by 35 championship reigns, including 21 in WCW alone. The real-life Robert Huffman currently runs the Reality of Wrestling promotion in Texas City, Texas and is planning a Houston mayoral run in 2019.

The Voyager / Wrestling With Popular Culture

Most often remembered for her relationship storylines and feud with Trish Stratus, Lita will forever have a place in the record books as a four-time Women’s Champion. Amy Dumas stills maintains an active presence within WWE, having served as a trainer, producer, and commentator since her retirement.

Arguably the most technically gifted wrestler of all time, Bret “The Hitman” Hart is nothing short of wrestling royalty. After suffering a stroke in 2002 and battling prostate cancer in 2016, the 32-time champion has since focused his time on charity work concerning the two.

Vancouver Sun

If there’s one wrestler most fans wish would return the ring, it’s CM Punk. The six-time world champion was one of WWE’s main draws throughout the late 2000s, but after becoming disillusioned with the company he retired to pursue a career in MMA.

WWE / MMA Mania

“The Franchise.” “The Vigilante.” “The Icon.” With nicknames like these, it’s no surprise that 15-time world champion Sting and his 30-year career are the stuff of wrestling legend. Steve Borden is officially retired now, but he has said he’d wrestle one more match if it’s against The Undertaker.

Ring the Damn Bell / The Gospel Herald

Getting hit with a “Batista Bomb” was a fate many succumbed to between 2002 and 2014, so it’s easy to see why “The Animal” boasts 6 world title reigns across his career. Dave Bautista has since taken to acting, his most notable role being that of Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

Thought Co.

Whether leading the nWo alongside Kevin Nash or winning titles as Razor Ramon, Scott Hall has left an indelible mark on the WWE landscape. The 60-year-old legend has battled substance abuse issues since leaving the ring, but recent reports show Hall is now in phenomenal shape.

xxxpandaaaxxx / Reddit

As a member of Extreme Exposé, Kelly Kelly turned heads with her looks and in-ring prowess, eventually capturing the Divas Championship in 2011. Barbara Jean Blank has since taken up acting, starring on E! network’s WAGS and most recently on Days of Our Lives.

Best of Comicbooks / Got Celeb

Although his career was relatively short, Goldberg’s dominance in both WCW and WWE have solidified him as a wrestling great. After a 2016 return that saw him become Universal Champion, Bill Goldberg now runs and co-owns Extreme Power Gym.

Cafe Vegalo / Wikimedia Commons

From the mid-90s onward, if you wanted to sell tickets, you booked Chris Jericho. “Y2J” ranks among the top pay-per-view wrestlers in history. When he’s not touring with his rock band Fozzy, Christopher Irvine performs for All Elite Wrestling.

WWE / Fandom

Diamond Dallas Page, or”DDP,” was always told he was too old to make anything of himself in the ring, but 20 years and a few “Diamond Cutters” later, he boasts three world-title wins for his career. Dallas Page – born Page Falkinburg – is now a well-known yoga guru and radio host.

Ring the Damn Bell / Stacey Morris

His infamous “Sexual Chocolate” gimmick aside, “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry successfully translated a decorated powerlifting career into an equally impressive one in WWE. The two-time world champion currently serves as a backstage producer for the company.


Though he wrestled under his real name in WCW, WWE purists will always remember Kevin Nash as Diesel, or “Big Daddy Cool.” After a Hall-of-Fame career that included 21 championships, Nash has now begun an acting career, though he still wrestles on the indie circuit from time to time.

GiveMeSport / Kevin Nash / Twitter

One of the biggest stars of the early 90s, Lex Luger held eight titles during his career and owns the record for most consecutive days and total days as United States Heavyweight Champion. Today, Lawrence Pfohl works with WWE on maintaining their wellness policy.

Cageside Seats / Sportskeeda

At 7’1″, The Great Khali was the most imposing force in the WWE from 2006 to 2014, defeating a slew of legendary wrestlers en route to a World Heavyweight Championship in 2007. Dalip Rana now runs his own wrestling school in Punjab, India, known as Continental Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE / Uproxx

With a nickname like “The Dragon,” fellow wrestlers knew right from the get-go that 24-time champion Ricky Steamboat wasn’t one to be messed with. After a brief stint as a developmental trainer for WWE, Richard Blood now serves as a company ambassador.

WWE Superstars / Cell Code

While his character “Bradshaw” was generally well-liked, John Layfield’s “JBL” gimmick was despised for his big mouth and rich-boy attitude. This character was actually based off Layfield’s real-life business success, and today he serves as the SVP of Northeast Securities.

Superluchas / John Layfield / Twitter

As the son of the late, great Dusty Rhodes, Cody received a heavy push during his WWE tenure, winning two Intercontinental Championships and six tag-team titles. He requested his release in 2016, however, and Cody Runnels is now one of the founders of All Elite Wrestling.

PW Mania / Big Gold Belt

Another mainstay of WWE’s era of scantily clad Divas, Torrie Wilson is remembered for her high-profile feud with Dawn Marie and villainous heel turn as a member of Vince’s Devils. Wilson is now a wellness blogger and fitness model.

WWE / Greatest Physiques

In the days of WCW, Arn Anderson, along with Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Ric Flair, ran roughshod over the industry as “The Enforcer” for the iconic stable “The Four Horsemen.” Martin Lunde is now heavily involved in WWE productions, serving as the senior producer of Raw.


Despite never winning a title in WWE, Jerry “The King” Lawler currently holds the most recognized championship reigns in the history of professional wrestling. Most know Lawler for his work as a color commentator, and he also hosts a podcast called Dinner With the King.

birch from memphis / Flickr / Superluchas