Sometimes, it can seem that a fear of spiders is just a part of being human. It’s kind of ridiculous, though, when you think about it: we’re exponentially bigger, and, all things considered, demonstrably more dangerous!

Some people are lucky enough to live in areas where the majority of spiders aren’t much of a threat to humans, but for many folks around the world, they can present a very real problem. In fact, they can be downright deadly, and even if they don’t attack humans, they can still be nightmares for the creatures that they prey upon.

Take the Queensland golden silk orb-weaver, for example, which can be found in no fewer than four continents. All things considered, they’re unlikely to hurt any people, but just watching them feed upon their victims is enough to scare anyone!

This is a Queensland golden silk orb-weaver, and you definitely don’t want to get in his way. Native to Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, he’s a pretty terrifying sight, especially to birds.

1-orb-weaverInfinitrillion / Imgur

They’re also known as giant wood spiders and banana spiders.

They have no problem catching prey twice their size.

2-orb-weaverInfinitrillion / Imgur

Fun fact: the female spiders in this species are significantly larger than the males.

It’s unclear what kind of bird this is, but Imgur user Infinitrillion suggests that he’s a kookaburra. Well, he was a kookaburra.

3-orb-weaverInfinitrillion / Imgur

Golden silk orb weavers are named for their yellow webs, which they use to trap prey.

For many people, the question of “spiders or snakes” may be a toss-up in terms of which is more fearsome, but in this case, the orb-weaver is the clear victor!

4-orb-weaverInfinitrillion / Imgur

Look at them staring each other down!

5-orb-weaverInfinitrillion / Imgur

In case you ever wondered who would win in a fight—Spider-Man or Batman—well, here it is.

6-orb-weaverInfinitrillion / Imgur

The good news—for us, at least—is that the golden silk orb-weavers aren’t known to bite or attack humans.

7-orb-weaverInfinitrillion / Imgur

Then again, if you’re arachnophobic, there’s probably nothing that will stop you from being afraid of a sight like this.

8-orb-weaverInfinitrillion / Imgur

These kinds of spiders are found in warmer parts of the world, particularly Australia, though humans don’t have much to worry about. Still, you’d be forgiven for wanting to  avoid them!

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