16 Insane Things You Can Actually Buy From The US Government

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the crazy and bizarre stuff that the government confiscates from criminals?

As it turns out, the government actually auctions this stuff off to the public on their website, GSA Auctions. It's kind of like eBay, only a lot weirder. You can buy everything from chemical engineering equipment to old dentist chairs, and that's just the beginning! Check this stuff out!

1. Accident prone? These 46 fire extinguishers are just the thing for you!
2. This 2011 Ford Escape is fast, though not quite fast enough to escape from the government.
3. 2,280 screwdrivers! This will be a great addition to your screwdriver collection.
4. "Baby, I love you so much I bought you an entire town.... covered in lead-based paint."