Affordable places to live are seemingly getting harder and harder to find. And even when you do locate a decent place, it usually comes with some noisy neighbors or a crummy landlord.

Thankfully, this affordable, spacious—and most importantly, quiet—apartment is available for rent right now. There is, however, one giant, skeletal catch…

Looking to rent a new place? The perfect apartment is located inside a beautiful building… and right beside one of the biggest cemeteries in Britain.

01-witton-cemetary-apartmentSWNS / Dave Evitts

Witton Cemetery, opened in 1863, is evidently full to capacity and no longer accepting new residents. But the church next to it has a vacancy.

02-witton-cemetary-apartmentSWNS / Dave Evitts

The double studio apartment comes with its own bathroom and kitchenette.

SWNS / Dave Evitts

For those interested, this to-die-for spot can be rented for £520 ($650) a month, or £120 ($150) a week.

SWNS / Dave Evitts

That includes water and gas, and there’s no deposit necessary to move in.

SWNS / Dave Evitts

“The magnificent building has been converted into rooms and self-contained studios, one of which is currently vacant. Great location for commuting,” says the ad on Zoopla.

SWNS / Dave Evitts

What do you think? Is living here a good idea?

07-witton-cemetary-apartmentSWNS / Dave Evitts

Or is it just a little too spooky?

08-witton-cemetary-apartmentSWNS / Dave Evitts

Missing out could be a grave mistake…

09-witton-cemetary-apartmentSWNS / Dave Evitts

Living next to a graveyard might be a little much for most, but in some parts of the world, that rent price is a steal—no bones about it!

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