Our planet is full of strange animals, but if this creature entered a goofy animal contest, it would win first place by a longshot.

In fact, its mere existence is proof that mother nature has a weird sense of humor.

Meet the great potoo.2-the-great-potoo-is-a-real-birdWikimedia Commons

This goofy bird calls Central and South America its home.

It’s known for its perfect camouflage, used as a defense against local predators…

And for its bizarre appearance!

The potoo’s big eyes help it find insects in the dark.4-the-great-potoo-is-a-real-birdImgur

No, it’s not a muppet.

There’s a lot we don’t know about the great potoo yet, but we’re pretty sure it’s not an alien. I think.
1-the-great-potoo-is-a-real-birdFacebook/Catalyzing Change

Sure, the platypus is strange, but it’s no great potoo. Just look at that thing! How is it even real?

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