Groom Gets Up To Make A Speech, Then The Bride Realizes He Has A Trick Up His Sleeve

When Jeff Althoff of Blaine, Minnesota, married his partner, Jenna, he wanted to do something that his new wife would never forget. Despite her dislike of surprises, he concocted a way to leave her speechless, only after they had already gone down the aisle. So when he stopped his wedding and prepared to make a "controversial" announcement, his guests couldn't believe what they were witnessing.

A special surprise

On the morning of their wedding day, Jeff woke to a surprise left by his fiance Jenna. His wife-to-be had left him a new set of golf clubs as a wedding day gift! Clearly, Jenna knew just what to do to make their special day even more so, but Jeff also had gears in motion to shock Jenna with a bombshell of his own.

The mystery gift

He was delighted, of course, but Jenna had zero clue that Jeff also had a surprise up his sleeve. However, she wouldn’t find out about it until after the wedding ceremony. And his surprise would even surpass the high bar Jeff had already set with his incredible marriage proposal.

Early surprise

To pull off that particular feat, Jeff seemingly got help from the radio station then known as Buz’n (now 102.9 The Wolf). It happened in April 2016, when Jeff took Jenna to see one of her favorite country artists, Canaan Smith.

On-stage proposal

And after Smith performed what Jeff described in a YouTube video of the event as "their song," Jeff and Jenna walked out on stage. Jenna probably knew what was coming at that point — but she was still overwhelmed when Jeff got down on one knee. But perhaps the semi "staged" nature of the proposal planted the idea in Jeff's mind to knock her socks off with his next surprise.