Every dog has a little bit of the wild in them. That’s why they need to be able to run free outdoors and really frolic from time to time.

That goes double for Loki, a wolfdog (wolf/dog hybrid) who is rapidly ascending the social media charts. An evening stroll to the end of the block and back doesn’t quite cut it. When he needs to go outside, he really needs to go outside.

 Loki is a husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix, which means that deep down, he’s still pretty wild.

loki-wolf-dog-1Kelly Lund/Facebook

Dogs like Loki would normally go crazy cooped up in doors.

loki-wolf-dog-2Kelly Lund/Facebook

Fortunately, his owner Kelly Lund lives in beautiful Colorado.

loki-wolf-dog-3Kelly Lund/Facebook

So Loki gets to run as free as his heart desires.

loki-wolf-dog-4Kelly Lund/Facebook

Colorado is basically just one giant adventure park for him.

loki-wolf-dog-6Kelly Lund/Facebook

Kelly is a pretty adventurous guy himself, so the two have no shortage of things to do together.

loki-wolf-dog-9Kelly Lund/Facebook

“One day, all this will be yours.”

loki-wolf-dog-7Kelly Lund/Facebook

Fortunately, he’s not adverse to just chilling at home sometimes. Everyone needs a break, after all.

loki-wolf-dog-8Kelly Lund/Facebook

Wouldn’t you just love an adventure buddy like Loki?

loki-wolf-dog-10Kelly Lund/Facebook

We sure would!

desktop-1441999189Kelly Lund/Facebook

Dogs like Loki are a very special breed with a lot of outdoor needs, and most of us just aren’t equipped to to handle that – so you shouldn’t rush out and adopt your own wolfdog just yet. So if you live somewhere wild and wide-open, go for it. The rest of us, however, will just have to admire from afar and keep wishing.

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