If you take medications and supplements, you’ve faced the dilemma of what to do with all your old, empty pill bottles. After all, it seems like such a waste to just throw them out when they’re empty.

But did you know that those little plastic bottles have so many different, fabulous uses? That’s right, they do!

Check out just a few creative ideas to keep these bottles away from the trash can… and on the way to your next crafting adventure.

1. Why waste money on a fancy makeup brush holder when you can just make one? It may seem obvious, but we’re willing to bet you never considered doing so until right now. Using a pill bottle as a brush holder is surely going to make your life much more simple.


2. Giving earrings (or something equally tiny) as a gift? With a little imagination, pill bottles can make for the perfect gift box! You can create fun and intricate designs by using nail polish and making each bottle distinct from the other.

pill-bottle-giftsHGTV Blog

3. Amp up the glitter factor on your multi-vitamin storage container. All of your friends are going to think that you purchased your cases from a fashion designer. With some rhinestones, your pill bottles will be so stylish!

vitamins-pill-bottleHub Pages

4. Organize your spices once and for all with your empty pill bottles. All you have to do is replace the labels with the names of the spices, and you’ll have uniformly sized containers for all of your favorite spices for cooking!


5. Keep your desk neat and tidy! Each and every thing on your desk can find a new, cozy home inside an empty pill bottle, and different-sized containers can be used for a variety of objects. How perfect is that?

supplies-pill-bottle-1024x716Crafty Zoo With Monkeys

6. Never deal with knotted ear buds again. Just wrap them up and slide them into a pill bottle that you can keep in your backpack or pocketbook. While you’re at it, go ahead and decorate it so that it will be easy to find the next time you’d like to listen to music hassle-free.


7. Use pill bottles to store the seeds for all your gardening projects. Each cap can have its own colorful label, and you can use different-sized containers for the varying amounts of seeds. It’s a great solution to one of life’s little problems.


8. Save yourself from the tyranny of flimsy matchboxes forever. All you have to do is take the strip from the match box and tape it to the side. That way, you’ll be able to strike it whenever you need a light!

matches-pill-bottleCrafty Librarian CT

9. If you’re one to lose track of your bobby pins, why not keep them in a pill bottle? This would be a great way to solve that issue. They’re the perfect size and height to make sure you’ll have some ready the next time you have a hair emergency.


10. Use your pill bottles to transport samples of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. This way, you can keep your conditioner and shampoo safely inside an easy-to-carry container that won’t leak in your luggage. It’s a quick solution!


11. Stop digging around for quarters to use at the laundromat. Simply keep all of the quarters you receive as change from the grocery store and put them in your pill container each time. You will be so thankful you did!

coins-pill-bottleOne Good Thing By Jillee

12. Popped a button? No worries—this tiny sewing kit has you covered! All you need are some simple supplies—and your trusty pill bottle—and you’re all set. Plus, you can pack a bunch in your luggage when you travel, just in case!

sewing-kits-pill-bottleClip With Purpose

13. Use cotton balls or pads to soak up a bit of your favorite perfume or scent and store them in the container for later. These bottles are designed to lock in moisture, so you can be sure that the cotton won’t dry out! That way, you’ll always smell your best.

cotton-swab-perfume-pill-bottleDIY Inspired

14. Cotton swabs come in such large, bulky packages. Why not make storage more manageable with these tiny tubes? Simply place as many Q-tips as you can fit inside a pill container; the next time you are in need of one, you can thank yourself for thinking ahead!

pill-bottle-q-tipsHome Talk

15. Keep your emergency cash stash safe and dry! Just tuck that precious money right into the container and you are good to go. You can never keep your money safe enough, so this is a great way to ensure it’ll stay put.


16. Forget your keys? Not to fear—you’ve got a spare key hidden away safely now. Take the time to hide a key in a waterproof pill bottle that you can tuck in between the landscaping near your front door, and you’ll never have to worry about being locked outside again!

pill-bottle-hide-keyThrifty Fun

17. Create a beautiful, stylish, and useful candle holder. While you wouldn’t necessarily think of pill bottles as being beautiful, a little paint can go a long way. You can use any color you like to make all sorts of designs.


18. Instead of buying a boring old Valentine’s Day card, use an old pill bottle to make a fun—and cute—candy “prescription” bottle. Isn’t this a unique and fun way to treat your valentine?


19. Here’s one for the bakers out there: turn those bottles into fun little holders for your piping tips! As you can see, pill bottles are great for organizing small items. They’re just the perfect containers!


20. Going camping? Starting a bonfire out back? Try keeping petroleum jelly-soaked cotton balls in old pill bottles. Fire starters are really nifty to have when you’re out in the woods, that’s for sure.


21. Likewise, a pill bottle survival kit could be, well… a lifesaver! Fill your survival kit with Band-Aids, money, medications, string, cooking ingredients—anything, really! You’ll simply be glad to have all of these items handy and in one convenient place.


We had no idea there were so many different uses for something everyone considers as garbage. Time to get crafting!

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