Even though you’re considered “lucky” if you’re able to find a job at all in these tough economic times, it can be difficult to feel that way when your boss doesn’t seem to appreciate you as an employee. You follow all the rules and work hard every day, so it’s understandable if you get angry when you’re not treated with the respect that you believe you deserve.

That’s what happened to Reddit user gahdzuks, who was so upset by her experience as an employee that she wrote a letter to her employer… and that letter has gone viral. While being passive-aggressive probably wasn’t her best move, it’s what she wrote that almost ensures she’ll never work for this place again any time soon!

Reddit user gahdzuks posted this image of her handwritten letter to her employer online alongside the caption “my two week notice.” The post has since gone viral, but whether she did the right thing is up for debate.


Some people have commended her for sending such a strong message to an employer that apparently mistreated her. Others have criticized it for being too passive-aggressive and lacking professionalism because it was handwritten rather than typed and printed.

Whether or not you believe that sending this letter was the right move, if gahdzuks’ accusations are true, she does deserve some sympathy—or, at least, some overtime pay. In any case, hopefully she has other references that she could use to get a new job after burning so many bridges!

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