Some things in nature are not what they appear to be. Even the most innocent animals, insects, and plants have built-in camouflage and form-changing defenses to keep them safe from predators.

Most of the time, camouflage is used to blend in your surroundings. Other times, it’s a lot more bizarre!

Look out for that… hawk-moth



That’s right! While this slithery little fellow might look like a snake…


It’s just a hawk-moth caterpillar. Snake-Caterpillar

When he feels threatened, this caterpillar can expand his tail, making it take on the shape of a snake’s head to scare off predators. 
1-moth snake

It’s enough to fool even a human, let alone a bird or some other caterpillar hungry lout!
2-moth snake

Watch the incredible hawk-moth’s complete transformation from bug to bad guy!

It’s crazy what animals will do against all odds to protect themselves from harm. At the same time, this is one cool caterpillar!

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