People Are Going Insane Trying To Find What’s Hidden In These Pictures

From Where's Waldo to the I-Spy books, there's so much fun to be had with hidden image puzzles. There's nothing quite like that moment when you get to say "I got it!"

It isn't always quite so easy, though. Sometimes, you really have to inspect what you're looking at to find the answer.

Artists Gergely Dudas and Max Knoblauch know that feeling all too well, and out of curiosity—or perhaps just to punish us—they decided to create their own very special kind of puzzle. Can you solve them?

1. See if you can spot the panda bear in this image! It's tricky at first; your eyes will want to immediately move to every area that has black and white. But look carefully—the panda is only in one special spot!
And here's the answer! Did you find it on your own? It really seems like there are so many pandas in the picture, but when you look closely you realize your eyes are playing tricks on you.
2. Doggone it! This particular puzzle is tough because all of the dog breeds are very different. Thankfully, there's an odd animal in here who's not supposed to be there. Pay very close attention to what's hiding among all of these pooches, and hopefully you'll find a panda in their midst!
There he is! Most people just confuse the panda with another dog! It's easy to do, but if you pay attention to the ears you can clearly see that he's not a canine at all but a friendly bear!