They’re Hidden In Walls All Over The World. And You’re Going To Want To Find Them, Trust Me.

There's a new kind of treasure hunt taking place all over the world. You just need to know where to look.

This treasure, however, isn't buried on an uninhabited island, it's all around us. And there's another twist: the treasure chests are USB drives hidden in plain sight, and the gold is what's on them.

They're hidden in walls and other surfaces around the world.
Each one is an offline file-sharing community, where the users are anonymous adventure seekers.
All you need to participate is a USB capable device - and you're in. An artist named Aram Bartholl has been placing them with nothing but a "readme.txt" file explaining how the project works.
Bartholl, a Berlin-based artist, started placing the USBs 5 years ago and has since seen others join in and replicate his work - building a large international community.