You may have heard of the German word schadenfreude, which translates literally to “harm-joy.” In other words, if you’ve ever experienced some kind of perverse pleasure from watching unfortunate things happen to others, you’ve experienced schadenfreude.

Obviously, nobody in their right mind really wants anything too terrible to happen to their neighbors. Still, in small doses, it can be nice to laugh and be happy that misfortune has decided to visit someone other than yourself.

Here are 25 upsetting-yet-hilarious failures that exemplify schadenfreude. Just be prepared, because some day this could be you!

1. Come on, you have to know that you’re just asking for trouble when you try mounting your flat-screen high definition television worth hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of dollars to the wall. You gotta look for the studs!


2. This is a disaster on several different levels. First of all, you have the fact that somebody’s deceased loved one is inside that coffin. Then there’s the fact that the hearse’s rear window broke, and that they were forced to stop traffic!


3. Those poor EMTs are probably going to have no choice but to get themselves hurt as they try to take those cacti off of that man’s body. Speaking of which: how could he possibly have gotten himself into that mess in the first place?


4. You may have heard the phrase about crying over spilled milk, but what about crying over spilled tomato sauce? Really, though, it’s hard not to feel bad for this woman. She just wanted to make a nice meal, and now she has to clean up a huge mess! The cat sure isn’t helping!


5. This has got to be one of the most frustrating things that can possibly happen to soda drinkers, right up there with your favorite carbonated beverages going flat… or accidentally losing half your cola in a foamy mess.


6. This is truly the stuff of nightmares for anyone who was ever looking forward to going home… especially if nobody else is already in the house, or if you don’t have a spare key. You can’t even get a new key made after this!


7. Oh dear. Not only is this car a total mess now, but if the driver doesn’t wash all of that liquid concrete off of his vehicle soon, he’s going to have much bigger problems on his hand than dirt! Hurry up, pal!


8. Gross! It’s going to be quite the painful chore for whoever has to unlock this thing. That sure was inconsiderate of whichever dog decided to do his business here… and whichever dog owner just let it to happen!


9. Hopefully, whichever unfortunate soul had this disastrous situation happen to him wasn’t in too much of a hurry to go home, get to work, or wherever else he was trying to go. What the heck is he supposed to do now?


10. That’s certainly enough to ruin just about anyone’s day. Not only did this person get yogurt all over her seat and pants, but now she doesn’t have her snack anymore! Hopefully she was able to get herself cleaned up.


11. The trick is to gently clink the glasses, not to smash them so hard together that they completely shatter! Not only did these people get their beer all over them, but they got it all over their delicious food, too!


12. Yikes! This person really should have checked their car properly first before driving away. This is why New Jersey has the right idea when it comes to gas stations. When only professionals pump gas, you avoid mistakes like this!


13. Ugh, this is why you have to be careful when you’re drinking anything other than water while driving. A mess like this will get you and your car seat dirty, and it’s going to be a real pain to have to clean up!


14. Okay, there’s no way that this dog wasn’t trained by some cruel human to urinate on sunbathers’ faces, right? Why would a dog ever choose to do it this way rather than against a tree or a bush?


15. How in the world could somebody hurt themselves in such a manner? Sure, accidents happen, but anybody who’s ever seen racers jumping over hurdles knows that hitting your head on them doesn’t seem like the best tactic.


16. One has to wonder how often this happens. After all, it doesn’t look like any of those eggs are thoroughly protected or secure. You think they would be more careful! Smashing that many eggs is no yoke. Hyuck hyuck!


17. Either this horrible mess was the result of a serious earthquake, or those cupboards were so shoddily made that they couldn’t handle the weight of everything that these homeowners were putting inside of them.


18. Take a good look at that man’s face. That is the face of a man who is just beginning to realize that something truly awful is about to happen to him, and that maybe he should have been wearing a helmet…


19. Most of the unfortunate incidents that we’ve seen in this list of funny failures thus far have been relatively small-scale, but this is a disaster of, well… titanic proportions. Hopefully, everybody on that ship was okay, even if their cargo wasn’t!


20. This hilarious photo raises so many questions, and many of them are purely logistical. How the heck did that car end up in that person’s property in the first place, let alone in their pool? This is a mess for everyone involved.


21. Besides the fact that this scale appears to have shattered to bits, it’s incredibly worrisome that that man taking the picture is completely barefoot here. That’s extremely dangerous, sir! At least put on some slippers.


22. It’s not entirely clear what exactly it is that happened here, but that poor woman certainly seems extremely upset about it, if not downright defeated. One thing is for sure: it won’t be easy to clean up.


23. Is it this little boy’s fault that he was left all alone with the paint, and decided to smear it all over the TV? Probably not. Is he going to end up in timeout regardless? Most likely, yes. Hopefully someone has learned a lesson here.


24. If you’re in a respected military position, having something happen to you as thoroughly embarrassing as your pants ripping open must be exponentially worse. You can read it all on this man’s face!


25. Finally, we have every home improvement expert’s (or amateur’s) worst nightmare. This is what happens when you’re not careful with the new buckets of paint that you’re transporting in your car! That’ll take a lot of time, and possibly even money, to clean up.


After looking at all of these funny failures, it’s easy to feel lucky about your own good fortune, isn’t it? Don’t laugh too hard, though, because something might happen to you next!

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