Hilarious House Designs That Make Absolutely No Sense

Have you ever driven by a house and exclaimed, "That's my dream home!" Well, that probably won't happen with any of these houses. From haphazard construction to straight-up confusing designs, these houses will make you wonder how they were built in the first place. Some could potentially be salvaged, but others? You'll have to decide for yourself!

Daredevils only!

Warning: this house is for daredevils only. If you don't enjoy leaping over dark, perilous chasms, then this abode may not be for you. And where exactly is the front door? In the terrifying abyss below the house? No thank you! We'll stick to above-ground homes for now.

Staircase of doom

All these stairs accomplish is scaring the daylights out of every living creature in your house. This spikey step screams "broken ankle," which is probably what you're going to get if you keep this pointy protrusion on your stairs. In this house, getting to the second floor is literally taking your life in your own hands.

The Mother Goose House

We can't quite put our finger on it, but there's something unusual about this house. Is it the circular structure, the egg-shaped windows, or the gigantic goose head sticking out of the roof? We have a feeling this whimsical design wasn't a mistake at all! If you want, you can visit the Mother Goose House in Hazard, Kentucky.

Fun house mirrors

This makes us dizzy just looking at it. It's hard to tell where the mirror starts and ends, or if there's even a mirror at all! If we lived here, we'd spend more time walking into mirrors/walls than anything else. Who in their right mind needs so many mirrors anyway? The funhouse aesthetic isn't exactly in vogue these days...