Every year, there are over 2,000,000 break-ins, burglaries, and home invasions in the United States alone. While many homeowners have a basic security systems that provide a fair measure of safety, an alarm can only go so far.

These home security tips, however, are guaranteed to fortify your home with a solid line of defense.

1. The SimLock protects against burglars by reinforcing your deadbolt.1-home-securityThe Family Handyman

2. Reinforcing your door jamb is a great way to protect against break-ins.2-home-securityThe Family Handyman

3. Reinforcing your sliding doors with something like the Door Guardian is also a smart move.3-home-securityThe Family Handyman

4. Place some easy-to-install window alarms to protect against weak spots.
4-home-securityThe Family Handyman

5. Tighten up the security of your garage side door with some 2-by-4s.5-home-securityThe Family Handyman

6. Keep your most prized possessions in a safe.


7. Keep your spare/emergency keys in an outdoor lock box (and not under a rock!)


8. Make sure you know who’s at your door with a wide-angle peephole.8-home-securityAmazon

9. Replace your old mailbox with a secure, privacy-enabled mailbox.

10. Motion detector lights are a good way to keep the bad guys away.10-home-securityAmazon

11. Keep your garage door opener on your keychain, and not in your car.11-home-securityAmazon

12. When you’re away for a long time, put a padlock on your garage to prevent it from opening.12-home-securityThe Family Handyman

13. Reinforce your door with a door guard to prevent forceful entries.13-home-securityAmazon

14. A smart door stop is a brilliant way to protect your valuables and loved ones.14-home-securityAmazon

15. Hard drive-enabled security cameras will capture crimes in progress and send you the evidence.15-home-securityAmazon

16. Smart alarm systems can be monitored by your phone, even when you’re not at home.

17. This door lock has been around for ages, but it works to slow a burglary in progress.17-home-securityAmazon

While you can never be completely protected, burglars know to target the least protected homes, so these should do the trick. It’s like adding a moat to a castle.

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