Few things in life are more cringeworthy than seeing a pet trapped in a goofy Halloween costume. Some of the most over-devoted pet owners just love to dress up their beloved dog, cat, or lizard for the fall holiday, and it rarely ends well.

These 10 pets might just have it worst for Halloween, and they’ve had just about had enough of their owner’s shenanigans.

1. “Get it off of me!”1-bad-pet-costumes
2. “I get it, and it’s not funny.”2-bad-pet-costumes

3. “Why would you do such a thing, mom?”3-bad-pet-costumes
4. “Yeah… no.”4-bad-pet-costumes

5. “But it’s not even Christmas!”5-bad-pet-costumes

6. “Please, for the love of everything, get help!”
7. “Do you think we can leave now, Bill?”

8. “Can’t… see. Must… move… backwards.”8-bad-pet-costumes

9. “Calm down. It’ll all be over soon.”10-bad-pet-costumes

10. “I feel as stupid as a I look.”9-bad-pet-costumes

I feel so bad for these poor creatures. Someone get them out of their costumes… and into a better home!

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