Becoming a master chef is one of those dreams that most of us let fall by the wayside in favor of ramen dinners and takeout. As anyone who has ever given it the ol’ college try can tell you, cooking certainly has its ups and downs.

For some aspiring culinary artists, there are a lot more downs. That’s because cooking is pretty hard, and it almost always requires more than you think it will. Who among us has failed to pre-plan properly and ended up falling miles short of Ina Garten?

Luckily, no matter how bad your dishes might turn out, there’s no way they’re anywhere as bad as these folks’ food fails! Gaze upon the horror:

1. “What sort of cruel god would bring us into the world this way?”


2. “Hreeeeng!”


3. Ah, the joys of using a pressure cooker.


4. “Peep peep, motherf*@#$r.”


5. They do exist!


6. “We call it Sauron’s Stew.”


7. “Honey, have you seen my glasses?”


8. Dick Pops sounds like a 1960s college basketball coach.


9. This either turned out perfectly or terribly and we’re not sure which it is.


10. “Guess we’re ordering takeout…”


11. “This is not what I meant when I asked for mushroom pizza…”


12. Thatsa spicy meata-ball!


13. We don’t even want to know what’s going on here.


Wow. Those… were… something else. It’s enough to make you want to forget trying to cook and just leave it up to the professionals. Someone get Guy Fieri on the phone!

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