Early detection is key for treating diseases, especially when it comes to deadly, incurable ones like cancer. The earlier something is caught, the easier it will be to treat.

That’s why one woman didn’t hesitate to contact a doctor right away when she noticed something unusual in one of her nephew’s eyes. Thank goodness she looked at this photo!

A woman was worried when she saw this photo of her 3-year-old nephew, Taylor. Can you figure out what’s wrong?



Taylor’s aunt immediately noticed there was a strange reflection in his eye. What could it be?


Taylor’s mother brushed it off, assuming it was simply the camera’s flash. Thankfully, Taylor’s aunt insisted until he was finally taken to the ophthalmologist. That’s when they learned the truth: Taylor had retinoblastoma, as well as numerous cancerous tumors in both of his retinas.


Luckily, four months of chemotherapy stopped the growth of three small tumors in his left eye and significantly decreased the size of the one in his right. Sadly, while the procedure saved Taylor’s life, he was blind in his left eye, and will now need regular medical examinations.

Retinoblastoma targets immature cells in the retina, and most often affects children. You can test for eye cancer it simply by taking a picture using flash. Pay attention if one pupil is red while the other is white.


…Or if one pupil is black while the other is red.


Sometimes eyes will appear to cross or point in different directions. This is called strabismus.


One eye is red or swollen for no apparent reason.


The colors of the irises may change, too.


Every parent needs to remain vigilant of these problems!


Remember, all you need to be able to see these signs is a simple camera with a flash, even if it’s just from your phone. Don’t hesitate to try this on your own children!

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