When the tires on your car go flat or bald it is can be annoying and expensive. You know you have to replace the tires on your vehicle, but getting rid of the old ones seems like such a waste, especially in an age where practically everything can either be reused or recycled.

However, it can be just as frustrating to try and think of different ways to reuse or recycle something as bulky as a car tire. Even the most dedicated DIYer can get overwhelmed when it comes to finally settling on the perfect project.

Not these DIYers! Here are 12 brilliant ways to reuse those old tires that are just gathering dust around your house. From backyard solutions to stylish new pieces of furniture, there’s something for everyone!

1. Instead of getting rid of her flat tire, this cat owner had a brilliant idea. After thoroughly cleaning the tire, she went ahead and painted it a bright pink! Once it was dry, she stuffed it with a pillow and—presto!—an instantly perfect cat bed was born.


2. Some upcycling projects are so successful that you can’t even tell what the original product was before it started its second life. That’s definitely the case with this stunning planter. A little yarn wrapped around it and some legs added as a base were all it took!


3. You don’t often think of giant trucks and little kids as going hand in hand, but it turns out that the idea isn’t so far-fetched at all! Just look at how this oversized tire is easily transformed into the perfect backyard sandbox for the kids.


4. Who ever knew that tires could look this elegant? Here’s another example of how overlaying an old tire with the fabric or other textile of your choosing can transform it into something wonderful, like this rustic-inspired ottoman!


5. If you have more than one tire sitting around your backyard or inside your garage then you’re almost halfway to building this totally cool playground. The tires make great climbing obstacles for curious tykes like this little guy.


6. Tires do not have to serve a functional purpose in their second life, either. This homeowner decided that a smaller old tire would be the perfect frame to display their kid’s cherished collection of toy cars. It’s a very cool (and thematically linked) look.


7. You do not have to hide the fact that you’ve used tires to create something entirely brand-new, either. This crafter painted her two tires a beautiful lime green and used them to make this glass-topped table the centerpiece of this colorful deck!


8. Tires like the ones pictured below can also serve as the frame for some other amazing projects. This DIYer used three tires to serve as the base for a homemade pond! How cool is that? It looks like it has been there the whole time, and you’d never know that there were car tires underneath.

9. Here’s yet another practical use for old tires—and it also just so happens to be one of the easiest to make! Simply cut your tires in half and bury the bottoms in some sand or gravel. (You can also use whole tires; just remember to dig deep enough.) They make a perfect block for people looking for a place to safely park their bicycles.


10. Planning and executing a project, such as redesigning your entire outdoor space, can be overwhelming. Simple hacks that utilize the materials that you already have access to—like these tires—can make the process fun instead of draining.


11. Here’s a great example of how you can turn old tires into colorful playthings for the kids! This mini-seesaw made out of a halved tire is a perfect addition to any backyard. Painting it a bright orange makes it fun to look at, too.


12. This beautiful blue planter might not be a real antique, but you certainly can’t tell from just looking at it! Check out the ingenious way this DIYer cut up their tires to transform them into something truly remarkable. Don’t you want some of your own?


It’s going to be pretty hard to look at old tires from now on and think “trash.” These projects are all so thoughtful in their own way. There’s practically an option for every type of DIYer!

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