A Medical Professional Revealed Why He Thinks We’ve All Been Showering The Wrong Way

Showering, for most of us, is just another part of the daily routine that we can do almost mindlessly. However, according to one medical expert called James Hamblin, it’s a task that we should be paying more attention to. He claims, you see, that we’ve all been cleaning ourselves in the completely wrong way – and that it may be having a real impact on our health.

, So, just who is this James Hamblin? And who is he to tell us we’ve not been showering the right way? Well, as he’s a preventative medicine physician, he has plenty of experience when it comes to health and the human body. After studying medicine at Indiana University, Hamblin completed a three-year residency and was tasked with creating a health section for The Atlantic. He’s also since penned several books, including 2016’s If Our Bodies Could Talk and 2020’s Clean.

But that’s not all. Hamblin has been published in the likes of The Washington Post, The Guardian and The New York Times. He’s also shared his expertise at Wharton Business School, Harvard Medical School and Columbia Mailman School of Public Health. And he’s been lecturing students at the Yale School of Public Health for several years, too.

Naturally, Hamblin’s efforts have meant that he has become something of a media darling. For instance, in 2014 he was named as one of 140 must-follow Twitter users by Time magazine. The physician has also been called “the most delightful MD ever” by BuzzFeed, and he has picked up a Best Web Personality nomination at the Webby Awards for his popular online series If Our Bodies Could Talk.

But Hamblin’s interest in showering began when he moved from California to a Brooklyn studio apartment to further his writing ambitions. Then, after shifting his focus onto studying microbiome science, he started to switch up his shower habits. And it wasn’t long before the medical professional decided to spread the word about his findings.