Like many big thinkers in Baroque Europe, Charles Le Brun sought to answer questions about the human condition. As an artist and philosopher who Louis XIV called the greatest French artist of all time, Le Brun eventually took interest in the study of physiognomy, or the study of the relationship between facial features and character.

In his exploration of this science, Le Brun asked himself how humans would have looked had they evolved from different animals… and the results are truly bizarre!

 1. Owl.

2. Donkey.

3. Wild boar.

4. Fox.

5. Monkey.

6. Eagle.

7. Lion.

8. Rabbit.


9. Camel.


10. Bull.


11. Ram.


12. Mountain Goat.


13. Cat.


14. Raccoon.


15. Parrot and Lynx.


These are like some old-school Animorphs. I’m not sure if we’d all look like that if we shared a recent common ancestor with a lion, but I wouldn’t be too mad if we did!

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