Vets At This Animal Hospital Thought They’d Seen Everything Until This Creature Showed Up

Veterinarians are used to dealing with sick animals. In fact, the vast majority of their daily routines usually involves patching up dogs and cleaning out kitty ears. There isn't a lot that shocks them, really.

Even wild animals like wolves, bears, and eagles sometimes need a doctor's care before they can return to the wild. And though they're not typical patients, seasoned veterinarians have no problem treating them. After all, a sick animal is a sick animal.

Still, one Israeli veterinary team sure got the shock of a lifetime when a parks department official knocked on their door and left a rather unusual—and dangerous—wounded animal in their care. They were nervous, but they knew they had to do the right thing...

During a routine patrol, Israeli soldiers noticed a rather unusual sight: two people walking a striped hyena. They didn't approach the pair right away. After all, hyenas are dangerous wild creatures. But they realized that something seemed... off... with the animal, and so they decided to intervene.
As they approached the pair, the officers immediately knew something wasn't quite right with the hyena. Once they were close enough to really inspect the scene, they learned that the animal—which is considered endangered—was being held in metal chains under harsh conditions. It was clearly suffering.
The abuse did not stop with the chains, either. Upon closer examination they discovered that the poor striped hyena was starving and dehydrated. He did not even have the strength to resist their ministrations.
The soldiers alerted the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, which quickly dispatched a veterinarian to the scene. The vet managed to stabilize the hyena's condition, but there was only so much that could be done on-site.