Ingenious Inventions From Japan That You Probably Had No Idea Even Existed

It’s amazing how technology makes life easier, even if it is only a little bit at a time. But in Japan, that ethos has been taken to a whole other level. Yep, these genius inventions embody all that’s great about the modern world – finding efficient, effortless solutions to problems that you never even knew you had. We apologize in advance for the amount of money that you’re about to spend on importing all these awesome items…

1. Burger napkins

Eating a burger in public can be a messy job, especially considering how jam-packed today’s meat-filled buns can be. In Japan, though, there’s an awesome solution for saving face – the burger napkin. The inventive creation has a print of a mouth on its opposite side so you can chow down without shame.

2. Umbrella lockers

Ever had that awkward moment when you walk into a building after sheltering from the rain, only to find there’s nowhere to put your sopping umbrella? Well, then this one’s for you. Umbrella lockers are the perfect solution: giving you somewhere to dry your umbrella without the risk of having it stolen — or getting dirty looks from your colleagues. Why these aren’t commonplace everywhere, we’ll never know.

3. Dinosaur receptionists

Automation has never been so fun. After all, who wouldn’t want to be greeted at their hotel reception by an animatronic dinosaur? It turns out that artificial intelligence isn’t all gleaming white androids. In the real world, it’s far more exciting – and far more Jurassic Park than I, Robot.

4. Cistern sinks

Toilets can be pretty uneconomical, to the point that many people will try to conserve water by only flushing when really necessary. Japan, however, has solved that problem with these super-eco-friendly cistern sinks, which mean that you can use the water twice. Pure genius.