Incredibly Innovative Painting Hacks That’ll Make Redecorating A Breeze

Ugh, painting. What a chore. But even the most amateur painter among us can make light of their work with the help of a few simple items already lying around the house. That old tub of vaseline sitting in the medicine cabinet is about to become your best new DIY buddy. And that's just the beginning! Yep, we’ve taken a closer look at 40 ingenious decorating hacks you’re gonna wish you knew a lot sooner.

40. Removing the paint lid

Struggling to open that pesky paint can? Well, fret no more. The host of YouTube’s Specific Love Creations channel has a handy hint! He explained “Take a nice roll of tape, carefully wedge it on top [of your can], squeeze really hard and give it a turn.” Job done.

39. Keeping your roller moist

If your painting project’s going to take more than a day, then this hack is for you. All you need to do to keep your roller moist is to securely wrap it in a plastic bag. If you’ve got a spare Pringles can lying around, why not put your tool in there, too? That’ll make sure it’s really airtight!

38. Making a lace pattern

Creating a wallpaper-like look on your walls may seem impossible without having to hang the stuff, but this cool trick will blow your mind. To begin with, pin a swatch of old lace to the area you want to cover. Next, run your loaded roller over the material. And when you take down the lace, you should be left with a gorgeous pattern every one of your guests will admire.

37. Removing masking tape

While masking tape helps you achieve a nice, neat paint job, it can be a pain in the butt to remove. But we’ll let you into a secret. Just power up a hairdryer and wave it over the section of tape you want to rip off. This should prevent you from creating any unnecessary and annoying chips in your walls or baseboards.