This day and age, researchers are working around the clock to make advancements in the medical field. Thanks to these innovative men and women, it seems like there’s a new breakthrough for all types of diseases every day.

One doctor discovered that people in Cambodia were sick and experiencing crippling headaches due to a lack of iron in their diets. He knew there had to be something he could do, so he put his thoughts into action and came up with a surprising new invention…

When Canadian doctor Christopher Charles discovered that Cambodian adults and children were experiencing crippling headaches from a lack of iron in their diets, he knew that he had to act. Before long, he had invented the Lucky Iron Fish.


The funny-looking little fish, designed for people suffering from anemia and iron deficiencies, can provide adults with up to 75% of their daily iron intake.


Iron deficiencies are a common problem affecting up to two billion people around the world. However, iron supplements can be pricey, which is where the inexpensive Lucky Iron Fish comes into play.


Boiling water or soup with the Lucky Iron Fish in it for ten minutes boosts a meal’s iron content immensely.


Not only is the fish inexpensive, but it also lasts a long time; people can cook with the same iron fish for several years.


After just a single year, half of the Cambodian people who used the fish to cook with were no longer anemic!


What a simple and brilliant idea! It’s great that doctors like Christopher Charles are dedicating their lives to making affordable medical advances for people around the world.

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