Italians Expressed Their Displeasure Online Over Italian Dishes Cooked Wrong

Throughout history, Italians have gifted the world a fantastic array of culinary delights that are also subjected to varied experiments in the name of fusion food. While people are grateful for the lip-smacking recipes, a few come up with their take on the classics to disheartening consequences. As if that wasn’t enough, they share their cooking exploits on social media for all to see...and praise, maybe?

Expectedly, the posts end up with brickbats instead, especially from the Italians who take pride in their food and rightfully so. Can we blame them? They weren’t thrilled when we added pineapples as a pizza topping, but they let it slide. Yet here we are looking at a few instances when they refused to accept it and strongly expressed their displeasure at what was shared as 'culinary art'.

A Meal Beyond Expectations

We all have been in situations where we see a fancy meal on a restaurant menu, and we immediately order it expecting it would be as good as advertised. Sadly, when it’s finally at our table, it’s not exactly as we thought it would be, as one carbonara fan found out.

If the image the chef posted is anything to go by, the carbonara took some bit of time to plate, and he did his best to impress the eyes. Nonetheless, it doesn’t look sumptuous, and someone came up with a way to rectify that; the chef should give the next carbonara some TLC!

DIY Meal Misfire

Nothing beats the satisfaction one gets after making themselves a proper meal at home, especially if they were trying the recipe for the first time. Still, sometimes the plan backfires massively and hilariously, leading to some inedible food that is also not so pleasing to look at.

This person wanted to make some pizza and decided to use some peanut butter and sausages to create what they called peanut butter and bullet pizza. Unfortunately, as one user posted, this doesn’t look like a pizza anyone can consume, and while we commend the lad for trying, maybe he should try switching up the ingredients next time for better results.

Peanut Butter Fandom

In another case of people experimenting with peanut butter, this person decided to spread the paste on leftover pizza. While they recommend using the vegan pepperoni variant, we don’t think the sandwich spread should ever go near it under any circumstance.

A pepperoni pizza made with vegan ingredients sounds like a good idea, especially to health buffs, but not so much with peanut butter as an extra topping. Instead of consuming the strange meal, a commenter even had other ways to escape the ordeal. So what happened to people eating regular pizza?

Salad Cream Spaghetti

At first glance, one might think the meal in the image is simply some spaghetti served with some bacon, right? Until the person who made the food took their time to explain that it was homemade spaghetti carbonara with a special sauce.

The problem, though, is that the said sauce isn’t the proper one since they used salad cream instead. We wonder what prompted the person to use those specific ingredients, but clearly, not many people were impressed with those choices, with one Giuseppe choosing to let the atrocity slide. In all honesty, the meal doesn’t look pleasant, and we’d love to know how it tasted.