After Justin Bieber Had Attended A Church Event, He Was Involved In An Awful Accident

Justin Bieber doesn’t exactly have a spotless record. In fact, he’s gained a reputation as something of a loose cannon. Every now and again though, something happens which changes the way you look at him a bit. In this case, it was a car accident.

It’s been years since Bieber shed the ‘boy next door’ image that helped him rise to prominence on YouTube. Since then, he’s had numerous run-ins with the law, leading up to his first actual arrest in January 2014 for driving under the influence (and resisting arrest).

Since then, Bieber has built up an alarming array of offences. He’s been filmed doing everything from jostling with paparazzi to peeing in a mop bucket at a restaurant, and he was even charged with throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house. There have been so many incidents in fact that Bieber is better known for his antics than his music by some.

Most recently, he attracted unwanted attention by cancelling the last 14 shows of his global Purpose tour. He explained that the main reason for pulling out was that he needed to rest. But in a lengthy post on his Instagram account, he went further.

In fact, the singer went into a detailed explanation of how he was striving to become a better person and move on from past mistakes. He said that he’d let “jealousy, bitterness and fear run [his] life,” and that he wants his “mind, heart and soul to be sustainable.”